Woman Brutally Dragged And Abused Puppy But Hasn’t Been Arrested

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If you see a dog being abused, the best thing to do is speak up. However, even if you alert authorities of a dog in danger, it may take a while for justice to be served. However, the help of the community can save the dog faster.
A person living in Los Angeles’ South Gate neighborhood recently spotted a woman outside violently dragging a puppy to her car. Their Ring doorbell camera caught the event, so they shared it with authorities. Now police need help finding the woman responsible.

Woman Abuses Dog in Broad Daylight
In the video footage, a woman drags a small puppy out of a house and into the driveway. Many news sources blurred out the puppy to make the video easier to watch. The woman eventually yanked the puppy into the car, and the pup’s whimpers can be heard.
The witness wanted to remain anonymous, but they knew they had to tell someone. They said once the puppy was in the car, they saw the woman punching the innocent animal.
“I don’t want to see that. I saw just enough to run downstairs and try to prevent her from doing anything. But by then they had driven away,” the witness said.
The event took place on Monday, February 6th, in the middle of the day. According to the witness, the woman is someone who regularly visits the neighborhood, but she doesn’t seem to live in that house. She appears to be in her late 20s or early 30s.
Help Save the Puppy!
Police and animal control are currently investigating the situation, but they haven’t made any arrests yet. If anyone near the South Gate neighborhood knows this woman, they’re urged to contact authorities.
“She needs to be accountable for what she did, and know that you can’t do that,” the witness said. “And who knows how long she was doing that. I don’t know if she has children. But there’s some rage in there, some anger management issues.”
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The witness couldn’t believe that something so heartbreaking could happen right outside their door. There are often stories like this on the news, but to see it in real life was even more haunting than they had imagined. They fear that if this woman isn’t caught, she will pose a threat to more humans and animals.
Watch the Horrific Footage Here:

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