One-Eared Shelter Pup Turns His Favorite Plushie Into A Matching Mini-Me

When a staff member at a North Carolina SPCA went to check on newcomer Bruno and saw what he had done to his favorite stuffed toy, she was shocked. So she immediately whipped out her phone and snapped a few photos to show the other staff members. Everyone thought what he had done was incredibly endearing. 
Then, once they shared them on their Facebook page, Bruno went from unwanted, to flooded with applications hoping to adopt him. 
Bruno is a one-eared Pitbull from North Carolina who was once treated terribly. His first family chained him up outside and forced him to endure all kinds of awful things. This entailed forcing him to face all the elements, including frigid winters and scorching summers.
Plus, because he was perpetually chained-up, he was unable to run away from a vicious attack that resulted in one of his ears being torn-off.
That’s why what he did to his plushie pal is such a big deal. Bruno tore off his plush doggy’s ear during a vigorous play session—the same ear Bruno lost in the attack. 
The staff thought that this was so incredibly heartwarming, they just had to share the photos on their Facebook page. Then, once they did, the photos almost instantly went viral! And why wouldn’t they? Not only is Bruno known for being such a sweetie pie, but the pair of pups are absolutely adorable. 
“You would never know he had such a tough start to life. Despite his pouty eyes, he’s a very happy and loving guy, and his tail absolutely never stops wagging! He’s well-behaved, cuddly, and very smart. Despite being attacked, he still likes other dogs, and he loves every person he meets. He’s got a big heart and a forgiving soul,” said SPCA workers.
The photos have been shared over 52,000 times and have received 30,000 likes. Thanks to the sweet set of photos, Bruno went from extremely unwanted to absolutely overflowing with adoption applications. He’ll now get to live the rest of his life being showered with affection and absolutely adored. 
Bruno found his forever family only a few days after the photos were posted. Unfortunately, Bruno will not be able to go home immediately, because he has heartworm disease. But since this sweet soul earned himself so many admirers from the photos, the SPCA is easily able to provide Bruno his lifesaving treatment.
For now, he will remain at the SPCA, then head home with his dad once his treatment is complete. We’re so happy for you, Bruno! 
Featured Photo: Facebook
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