Best Pill Pockets for German Shepherds

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If your dog won’t take their pills without a fuss, our list of the best pill pockets for German Shepherds will save you both a heap of trouble. After all, German Shepherds are far more apt to eat a yummy snack than a pill, so a tasty pill pocket or paste can be just the trick you need to get your dog dosed!
Pill pockets are soft and flexible with a hollow center, so you won’t have to get crafty with smeary peanut butter, crumbly cheese, or even mushy bread. Just stick it in the pocket, pinch, and feed it to your dog. And if you opt for pill paste, simply wad some around the pill and toss it to your waiting pup.

Whether your pet has a taste for peanut butter, prefers crunchy treats, or has a top-notch nose that picks up even the slightest pill smell, we’ve found a pill pouch to suit your needs. But before we get into reviews of the best pill pockets, let’s answer your pill pocket questions and talk about what factors should be considered before you choose an option.
Frequently Asked Questions about Best Pill Pockets for German Shepherds
Do Pill Pockets Have Nutritional Value?
Yes, some pill pockets and pastes have nutritional value, depending on the brand. Some may contain added minerals and nutrients, making them rich in beneficial nutrients and low in calories and fat. If your German Shepherd is on a restrictive diet, study the label of your pill pockets and check that their nutritional content aligns with your pup’s needs.
Do Pill Pockets Work for German Shepherds?
The short answer is yes. Dogs are smart and know when you’re trying to give them medicine. Pill pockets make the dosing much easier by enticing your pup with tasty flavors and smells they recognize as food.
Which Pill Pocket Flavor is Best?
Pill pockets are designed with unique flavors, so German Shepherds are willing to chomp them down. Bacon, chicken, and peanut butter are among the more popular choices, as these aromatic flavors are big hits with most dogs.
How Long Does It Take for an German Shepherd to Digest Pill Pockets?
Typically, most pill pockets are digested within 20-30 minutes of oral administration, meaning the medicine inside the pocket is being absorbed too.

Buying Guides: What To Look For In The Best Pill Pockets for German Shepherds
Most dogs hate taking pills, even those that aren’t usually fussy. That’s why pill pockets for German Shepherds are a lifesaver when administering your pooch’s medication at home. However, while most tend to do the job well, there are a few factors to consider before randomly purchasing a bag.
Pill Pocket or Pill Paste
First, you’ll need to decide whether you’d like to use a pocket or paste for disguising medicines. With either option being a winner for masking medicines, if your German Shepherd uses powdered or liquid medicine, you may want to consider pastes for easier hiding. But pockets mean less handling for you. So if you’re looking for less of a mess, maybe go with a pocket.
Pill Pocket Size
Consider the size of your German Shepherd and the size of the pill you are trying to hide—a small pill pocket will not completely hide a large pill, and if you have a picky dog, he’ll notice the meds. If you have a large dog or are hiding a bigger pill, consider using two pill pockets pressed together or opt for a paste.
Pill Pocket Flavor 
Want to make sure your pet swallows the pill? Choose a flavor they will like to increase your chances of success. Whether it’s cheese, smoky bacon, classic chicken, or creamy peanut butter, you’ll have no trouble finding something to suit your pup’s palate.
Pill Pocket Calorie Content 
Pill pockets should be relatively low in calories. This is important for German Shepherds who take pills daily, especially older dogs who may need to watch their weight and calorie intake. And you’ll notice we’ve included calorie content in our reviews of the best pill pockets for German Shepherds. You’ll see pockets listed with kcal or calories per pocket, but the terms are interchangeable, and both mean the same thing. Kcals are just another way makers list calorie content.
Trusted Pill Pocket Brands
Only buy pill pockets and treats from trusted brands and companies. This guarantees quality materials and safe production. Many leading dog food makers also sell pill pockets for German Shepherds, allowing you to stay brand consistent.
Now, let’s review the best pill pockets for German Shepherds!

The 10 Best Pill Pockets for German Shepherds
#1 Best Tasting Pill Pockets – iHeartDogs Probiotic Pill Paste Wrap

These best pill pouches contain probiotics! Probiotics are especially beneficial for your German Shepherd’s digestive system when they’re on medication. With iHeartDogs Happy, Hide-A-Pill with Healthy™ Probiotic, you can easily dose your dog and help their gut. And because it’s a paste, not a preformed pocket, you can easily shape it around medication, vitamins, or supplements.
It works with any medicine form, whether pill, tablet, powder, or liquid. The delicious bacon and chicken flavor leads your German Shepherd to believe it’s a tasty treat, which means you won’t have to fight when it comes to meds.
Key Features:

Helps promote healthy gut bacteria, improving digestion, intestinal balance, and a strong immune defense
Coconut oil and sunflower oil promote healthy energy levels and overall physical health
Also includes natural rosemary extract, oat flour, and probiotics
Made in the USA
Money back guarantee
 Save 5% on auto-ship
Every jar of pill paste sold feeds 12 shelter dogs
Calorie content: 10.743 kcal per serving size 


Easy to use
Rich chicken and bacon flavor
Low calorie
Probiotics to support your dog’s digestive system


Crumbles easily when allowed to dry out, but still gets the job done

#2 Best Low-Calorie Pill Pockets – VETRISCIENCE Laboratories Pinchers Pill Hiding Pocket Treats

Medication can be hard on tummies, so like our previous listing, VETRISCIENCE Pinchers Pill Hiding Pocket Treats also include probiotics to counter sensitive stomach issues. Hollow in the middle, these German Shepherd pill pockets can hold tablets, pills, or capsules of almost any size. And the choice of flavors, Chicken Liver or Organic Peanut Butter, will appeal to the most discerning German Shepherds. Plus, the chicken liver flavor’s strong aroma and taste work well to hide the smell and taste of the medicine inside.
Key Features:

Made with probiotics to support your German Shepherd’s digestive and immune health
Fit most pills, tablets, and capsules
Two flavors: Organic Peanut Butter and Chicken Liver
Won’t leave your fingers greasy and sticky
Calorie content: 10 calories per pocket


Immune and digestive health
Just ten calories per treat
Chicken liver flavor disguises meds well
Less greasy than most


Might need to use two for bigger pills

#3 Best-Known Brand Pill Pockets – GREENIES Pill Pockets
This choice of best pill pockets for German Shepherds is perfect for dogs who need to take the medication in a larger pocket as they’re slightly larger than other pill-hiders. Greenies Pill Pockets are also great because they mask the smell of medication, so even the most observant pup won’t know there’s a pill in their yummy treat! And available in four flavors, you’ll find an option that appeases even the pickiest pups.
Key Features:

#1 ingredient is real chicken
Pill pockets that turn pill time into treat time
Just fill, pinch, and give
Four flavors: Chicken, Hickory Smoke, Peanut Butter, Cheese
Made with natural ingredients plus trace nutrients
Proudly crafted in US facilities with quality ingredients from around the world
Calorie content: 10 kcals per treat 


Popular and trusted brand
Made with all-natural ingredients
Available in 4 flavors for all tastes
Made in the USA
Veterinarian recommended
Easy to use


Slightly more expensive than other brands.

#4 Best Easy-to-Disguise Pill Pocket – Milk-Bone Pill Pouches

A name you know that’s been crafting German Shepherd treats for decades, Milkbone brings you an easy solution to medicine administration with their Pill Pouches. They’re soft, delicious, and taste like a regular treat. And you’ll find chicken is always the first ingredient, while recipes never contain by-products, meals, or artificial flavors. Choose from Chicken or Hickory Smoked Bacon flavors. Shaped like a cube, just stuff the pill in the hole in the center and give it a squish! That easily, your dog will wolf down their medicine inside one of these best pill pockets for German Shepherds.
Key Features:

Milkbone is a brand you know and trust
Helps conceal the taste and smell of medication inside
Fits most capsules and tablets
Great-tasting and mess-free
No by-products, meals, or artificial flavors
Lower calorie alternative to cheese and peanut butter
Calorie content: 19 calories per pocket 


Savory, rich flavor most dogs enjoy
Easy to disguise thanks to larger size
Real meat is the first ingredient
125 treats included per bag; perfect for multi-pet households


Some reviewers complain of dryness that causes the cube to lose shape
Not the lowest calorie content

#5 Best All-Natural Pill Pocket – Zoë Pill Pops
Can your German Shepherd sniff out a pill no matter how hard you try to hide it? Try these fragrant and flavorful pill pockets for German Shepherds with unique recipes designed to mask the smell and taste of medicine. Choose from Roasted Chicken with Rosemary, Grilled Beef with Ginger, or Peanut Butter with Honey, and any of these choices will make your dog’s mouth water. Zoë Pill Pops are individually wrapped to preserve freshness.
Key Features:

Individually wrapped in double packaging to maintain their moist, soft texture
Savory fragrances & flavors hide the smell of meds brilliantly
No corn, no wheat, no soy, no artificial flavors or preservatives
Made in Canada using ingredients sourced from North America
Ideal for all life stages, from puppy to senior
Calorie content: 14 calories per pill pouch 


Individually wrapped to preserve freshness
Rich, unique flavors disguise the smell of meds
All natural ingredients
No corn, wheat, soy, no artificial flavors, or preservatives


Can be a little dry

#6 Best Value Pill Pockets – Wag Pill Pouches 
Amazon brand Wag Pill Pouches make it easy to give your German Shepherd their medicines for an affordable price. Made with a tube-shaped center, these best pill pockets for German Shepherds are great for tablets or capsules. The delicious chicken flavor will have your pup chomping down their meds before they realize it’s in their mouth! And a new and improved formula keeps pill pouches soft without clumping. Because dogs mistake them for regular treats, they also double as a reward for good behavior, an incentive during training, or a snack between meals.
Key Features:

Includes one resealable bag of 30 pill pouches
For use with tablets or capsules
No added wheat or artificial flavors
Made in the USA with the finest ingredients from around the world
Vet recommended formula
Calorie content: 15.7 kcal per pill pouch 


Easy to digest
Rich chicken liver flavor
Soft and malleable – texture similar to cookie dough
Perfect for elderly dogs or German Shepherds with dental issues
Money back guarantee good up to a year from purchase date


Tend to dry out quickly

#7 Best Pill Pockets for Picky Eaters – Pill Buddy Naturals

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat now and again? Your pup sure does, and that you can slip them their pills while giving the taste of something good makes Pill Buddy Naturals an easy choice as one of the best pill pockets for German Shepherds. Although available in various flavors, there are two choices for PB fanatics: the Peanut Butter and Honey Recipe or the Peanut Butter and Apple Recipe. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured these German Shepherd pill pockets are delicious, soft, and made with all-natural ingredients, but no corn, wheat, soy, or anything artificial.
Key Features:

Wrapped in pairs to preserve freshness
Great for German Shepherds who dig peanut butter
Six flavor choices
Accommodates almost any size pill or capsule intended for German Shepherds
Makes your dog’s medicine irresistible
Veterinarian formulated recipes
Calorie Content: 14kcal per pocket


Fits virtually any tablet, capsule, or pill
Six flavors to entice even the fussiest pups
Wrapped in sealed pouches for freshness


Sweet flavor may not be a hit for all German Shepherds

#8 Pill Pocket with the Best Customer Reviews – Pet MD Wrap-A-Pill Paste 
Pet MD Wrap-A-Pill takes the stress out of pill time because German Shepherds think this tasty paste eats like a treat! This yummy flavored pill paste is ideal when you have extra-large pills or capsules to hide because you can easily mold it around whatever you’re working with. Pinch off as much or as little as you need! It also makes a great way to serve liquid or powder meds too. Pill pastes can be an excellent option for German Shepherds with dental problems as it’s soft and not sticky. In other words, perfect for older German Shepherds!
Key Features:

Adapts to any size pill, tablet, or capsule
Soft and malleable – texture similar to cookie dough
Perfect for elderly German Shepherds or dogs with teeth issues
Three flavor choices: Bacon, Peanut Butter, and Cheese & Bacon
One container contains 59 servings
Calorie content: 9kcalories per serving amount 


Easy to use
Great taste in either bacon or peanut butter
A small amount goes a long way
Covers meds of any make and size


Can be sticky

#9 Best Pill Pockets for German Shepherds of All Sizes – TOMLYN Pill-Masker
As a brand and product recommended by Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy, you can trust Tomlyn Pill-Masker to get the job done! This putty pill paste is moist, flavorful, and easily malleable to cover any pill shape or size. Plus, the delicious bacon flavor will draw in your German Shepherd for dosing. For pups that aren’t too picky, a thin layer is usually enough for masking. More finicky German Shepherds may need a thicker layer to mask the taste and smell of medication. It can also be used as a reward when training dogs.
Key Features:

Fits all pill shapes and sizes, powders, and liquids
Highly-palatable bacon flavor
Easy to administer
Contains 50 servings in one container
Can be used with dogs and cats
Backed by Jackson Galaxy, a trusted animal-behavior expert
Calorie content: 6.2 kcal per pinch


Enticing bacon flavor
Made with natural ingredients
Low price for high quantity
Suitable for small German Shepherds
Works for any size pill or other medicine forms
Can be used as treats


Only comes in one flavor
High in fat

#10 Easiest to Shape Pill Pockets –Vetoquinol Pill Wrap
 Vetoquinol Pill Wrap is a moist, juicy, delicious, and malleable paste that makes giving your German Shepherd medicine a breeze. They’re full of flavor and can be molded to fit any medication, whether tablet, capsule, powder, or liquid. And Vetoquinol USA is a proud member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), so you can trust they formulate their pastes with only food-grade ingredients. Available in a 4-ounce container that provides about fifty-six servings.
Key Features:

A versatile wrap that fits over any shape, type, and size of medicine
Made of food-grade ingredients
One four ounce container can cover approximately 56 pills
Used by veterinarians and behaviorists
A great option that works for both dogs and cats
Even picky eaters love the highly palatable taste
Calorie content: unlisted 


Can fit pills of any size
Natural and healthy ingredients
Mess-free and tasty wraps
Around 56 pockets per container


High price tag
Unspecified flavor

Not all pill pockets for German Shepherds are created equal, so be sure to choose options that are low-calorie, low-fat, and offer other nutritional values, like probiotics or vitamins. Any of the options on our list of the best pill pockets for German Shepherds provide an excellent choice to help you give your pup their important medications.
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