Lab’s Emotional Support Pumpkin Rots, Mom’s Plan Is A Solid “No”

Ollie, a Chocolate Lab, has quite the personality! When Ollie’s mom, Alex, brought him to a pumpkin patch, he picked his favorite one out and proudly carried it with him. Alex figured by the time they got home, Ollie would leave the pumpkin be. But oh no! Ollie had found his new best friend.
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Wherever Ollie went, so did his pumpkin. Whether it was to go on walks or get snug in his bed, the pumpkin was always with him. He carried it proudly in his mouth by the stalk. When the stalk eventually fell off, the dog struggled. Poor Ollie!
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Luckily Alex came up with a solution. She found the perfect size basket that the pumpkin fit in, and Ollie could carry it that way. He was totally content, again, carrying the pumpkin everywhere. But then the pumpkin started to rot and Alex had to buy Ollie a different one. But Ollie wasn’t fooled one bit! He wouldn’t even look at it!
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Thankfully, Alex had another plan and it’s way too cute to miss. Ollie’s love for his pumpkin led to something very special that’ll make you smile for sure! We love this story and you will too!
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