Baby Snuggles Into Boxer, Giggles When Their Faces Touch

Bruno, an adorable Boxer, was adopted into the perfect family that loves him very much. Charlotte, Bruno’s mom, tells his story and it’ll give you all the feels. Charlotte’s baby Arthur adores the pup with all his heart… and Bruno feels the same.
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How does Bruno show Arthur his love? Well, the list is long but at the very top is when Bruno makes his way into Arthur’s nursery and insists on going into the crib for a snuggle. Charlotte stands by and makes sure both siblings are safe with one another.
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The sweet Boxer has been by Arthur’s side since he was born. He’s been his protector and best friend. Once Arthur was aware of Bruno, the love was reciprocated and the two became inseparable. Bruno has been there for all of Arthur’s first, like walking and then running, and when Arthur said “Bruno” for the very first time.
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Amazingly, Arthur knows where the dog treats are kept and made his way over to the cabinet one day and gave Bruno a treat all by himself! Their journey continues and is so darn cute! Check out Bruno and Arthur in the video below!
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