Woman’s Asked When She’ll Be Ready To Put Her Deaf Dog Down, Says Never

Chelsea brought Wilma home but wasn’t told she is deaf. The pup, 13 years old, is also partially blind. Chelsea says in the video that countless people have asked her when she’s going to put Wilma down… and that question breaks her heart.
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The loving mom accepts her dog unconditionally. She went out and got as much information as possible to prepare herself for life with Wilma. What a good mama! Wilma is such a warrior and doesn’t let anything get in her way. She’s quirky and adorable. Chelsea even calls her the “best strange dog.”
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Wilma’s mom is deeply connected to her. Chelsea kept asking the nurses when she’d be able to go home to be with her dog while still giving birth! Now a year later, Wilma doesn’t leave her baby sister’s side. They even love to share food and snuggle.
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Chelsea is amazed by Wilma every single day. She cries when she explains the love she feels for Wilma and how much more the dog has done for her rather than the other way around. They’re a match made in heaven!
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You have to see the full story! It’s especially precious when you see Wilma’s dad interact with her. Animals with special needs, especially seniors, are the hardest to place. Please consider adopting a deserving pet like Wilma today!
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