Brothers Separated After Rescue Get A Familiar Whiff At Park

Rachel with Sidewalk Specials encountered two dogs chained to a log. Although they were unable to harm Rachel, they were so aggressive that she didn’t completely trust the situation. However, she soon realized their behavior was strictly stemming from fear.
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The rescuer cautiously approached the dogs to give them food. They lunged at her but it was purely from starvation. They couldn’t devour the food fast enough! Poor babies! Once they were fed, both dogs calmed down a bit.
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Their chain collars were deeply embedded into their necks and when the rescuers were finally able to calm them down and pick them up, they could feel how little they weighed. It was heartbreaking! The rescuers named the dogs Benji and Otis.
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Now it was time to get the siblings to the vet. Once at the clinic, they found out that Benji had a broken leg. They both needed time to heal, and once they did, they saw one another as competition. Benji and Otis had to be placed into separate foster homes.
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The dogs remained separated until something very special happens that’ll blow your mind. This story is proof that the heart never forgets! Get ready to experience your favorite story yet! How can anyone not love dogs?
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