Brown Bear Beams At Camera After Belly Flopping Into Florida Pool

A grizzly bear belly-flopping into an above-ground swimming pool isn’t something you see every day. So it’s no surprise that a cute clip of Bruiser, the brown bear bounding into his private pool, went viral. People love seeing Bruiser enjoying a swim.
Not only is it endearing to see such a big brown bear belly flop, but bears naturally love water and often wade into rivers to catch some salmon.
Bruiser is a rescued grizzly bear who lives with multiple other bears at the Single Vision nature conservation and wildlife education facility in Melrose, Florida. Two of his favorite hobbies include tearing up boxes and cooling off from the heat by swimming in an above-ground pool on the property. 
Despite their broad bodies and thick fur, brown bears are superb swimmers. Interestingly, their high fat content and oily coat help them stay afloat.
Bruiser’s amusing antics make the sanctuary’s staff laugh, bringing them so much joy. So naturally, they wanted to share it with others. Once they shared some footage to their Facebook page, it almost instantly went viral.  
In the cute clip, Bruiser quickly climbs up the ladder of the above-ground pool and doesn’t hesitate for a second before extending his arms and belly-flopping into the refreshing water. Once he surfaces, he shakes off a bit and makes his way across the pool. The videographer then pans to the left, and you can see fellow rescue bear Honey, hanging out nearby. 
Bruiser then comes close to the camera and grabs onto the edge of the pool before looking straight into the lens for his close-up. He had so much fun the first time; he literally hops out of the pool, shakes, and says hello to the camera before he races back up the ladder and belly-flops back into the pool.
It’s almost exactly like before, but the second time he doesn’t go completely under and instead, starts pushing a floating surfboard around the pool. It’s quite obvious that he’s having an absolutely amazing time. It literally looks like he’s smiling as he swims and plays. Never mind the large grin he gives to the camera. This grizzly really knows how to have fun!
The video may be short, but it’s so incredibly heartwarming and is almost guaranteed to spread a smile across an animal-lovers face. You can check out the incredibly cute clip below.

Featured Image: Facebook
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