Little Girl Trains Herself To Be A Good Big Sister To Tiny Puppy

Emmy is a very special little girl. She knew that in order to be a good big sister to a puppy, she had to “train” herself first. She worked hard to prove to her parents that she would be responsible and loving. She thought of a genius way to accomplish this– by using her stuffed dog as a surrogate pet!
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Once her parents saw Emmy walking the plush dog consistently, playing with it, and snuggling it, they knew Emmy was ready! Emmy’s mom, who volunteers with a rescue, was approached to adopt a teeny puppy and she agreed. It was time to officially add the pup, named Hippo, to the family. Hippo came home soon after and Emmy kept the puppy with her at all times. They developed the most beautiful bond.
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Hippo loves her human sister so much, that she waits to hear her bus coming home from school. When it’s two stops away, she runs outside to greet her favorite person. Their daily reunions are too darn precious. Hippo’s tail wags say it all! Mom explains in the video, that when you see Emmy, you see Hippo too. All of Emmy’s hard work paid off and she is now the best big sister to her pup! The cuteness is off the charts. Witness it for yourself in the video below!
Screenshot via YouTube
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