Deer Peeks Over Fence Every Day To Catch Up With Dog Friend

Dogs are great at making friends. Most of them can walk up to a person or another dog and instantly fall in love. However, some canines have developed unique friendships beyond people and other pets.
A 9-year-old dog named Huey recently introduced himself to a deer that was peeking over the fence in his yard. At first, Huey didn’t know what to think of the peculiar creature, but it didn’t take long for the two animals to warm up to each other. Now, they can’t resist having a friendly daily chat.
Deer Looks for Birdseed
When Holly Faulconer saw a deer stealing food from her bird feeder, she didn’t scare the deer away. Instead, she watched the beautiful creature in amusement. Little did she know, her decision to leave the deer alone would help her dog’s social life greatly.
After grabbing a snack, the deer peeked over the fence, causing her to spot Huey. Huey stood on his hind legs and put his paws on the fence so he and the deer could introduce themselves. Faulconer decided to name the deer Sassafras.
“Huey was a little confused at first, and definitely cautious,” Faulconer said. “I would just talk to them both and make sure they both felt safe. Slowly, they just started talking over the fence!”
Even though Sassafras came to the house for the birdseed, she left with something even more valuable: a new best friend!
An Unlikely Friendship Forms
Now, whenever Sassafras returns, her priority is no longer eating out of the bird feeder. Instead, she peeks over the fence to see if Huey is there. Sassafras stops by almost every day to have a chat with her canine companion.
Faulconer is surprised by Huey’s new friendship because he’s usually protective over his mom. So, it’s surprising how quickly he decided to recognize the deer as a friend rather than a threat.
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“This deer visits a few times a week,” Faulconer said. “It took a few visits but now they’re friends.”
Faulconer posted a short video of the deer and dog’s interaction on Instagram, and people quickly fell in love with the unusual duo. Seeing two animals of different species form a bond is always a heartwarming experience, so hopefully, the two will continue to hang out as much as they can.
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