Girls See “No Longer Available” On Dog’s Photo & Cry But Mom’s Up To Something

Toni and her daughters, MacKenna and Kerrigan, were looking at shelter dogs online. Toni’s youngest came across Rosie, a sweet girl who desperately needed an adoption commitment ASAP or she would be euthanized. The girls knew instantly that they needed to help Rosie before it was too late. They wanted to bring her home.
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Soon after the girls saw Rosie online, they went back to the shelter’s site. That’s when it said, across Rosie’s photo, that she was no longer available. The girls’ hearts dropped. They thought she had been euthanized. Little did they know that their mom adopted her and they were about to get the best surprise EVER!
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Rosie flew on a plane to her new family. When she arrived, she was so stressed out. The poor baby didn’t know where she belonged. Toni drove Rosie home. Toni’s heart began to race as she and Rosie approached the girls. The girls saw Rosie and couldn’t believe their eyes. Just wait til you see what happens next!
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Sadly, many animal shelters are overrun. Some have to squeeze 3 dogs inside a kennel. It’s a devastating reality. Please consider opening your home, and heart, to a shelter dog in need or consider becoming a foster parent. Let’s work our tails off to save them all!
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