Dog That Barks At The Sky For Letting It Rain Finds A Mom Who Gets Him

Greta adopted Duncan after her dog suddenly passed away. Duncan desperately needed a home. He was placed in the animal control shelter in Chicago when his owner was involved in an altercation.
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Duncan’s mom explains in the video that he may just be the quirkiest dog ever. He eats rain and snow after barking at the sky for allowing it to fall (and it’s the cutest thing to witness). He’ll stand up and drink from a water fountain or go bananas for the sprinklers but he hates taking baths. And, my personal favorite, he hates his own tail! As his mom says, “He has deemed it his enemy.”
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Although Duncan was labeled by others to be less than intelligent, he is one of the smartest dogs Greta has ever met. When Greta’s 22-year-old cat passed away, she thought Duncan would be fine. But Duncan mourned his sibling in the most devastating way. Duncan laid in the empty bathtub for hours and refused to come out.
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Greta knew she had to do something. Duncan needed his mom’s help. What follows in this wonderful tale is too heartwarming to miss! Duncan is proof that ALL shelter dogs deserve loving homes. Adopt, don’t shop. Spread the word!
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