Stray Puppy Shows Up On Woman’s Doorstep And Begs To Be Rescued

A woman named Bethany was greeted outside her door by a stray puppy she had never seen before. He was skittish so Bethany set up a little home for him on the porch, where he seemed to feel most safe. The puppy was surely leery of Bethany and his new surroundings.
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A few nights later, Bethany’s son Carter was allowed to meet the puppy. The two bonded and this helped the dog, now named Ryder, to come out of his shell a bit but he still wouldn’t come in the house. He still had walls up to protect himself. He must’ve had a pretty painful past.
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The next day Ryder was taken to the vet where the doctor determined he was 5 months old and didn’t have a microchip. Bethany wasn’t looking to adopt a dog but felt that he came to them for a reason. It was official: Ryder had a new home.
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Even though Ryder was now part of the family, he still didn’t want to come inside the house. He lingered in the doorway but refused to cross the threshold. Carter tried to coax him in, but Ryder refused. Bethany had no choice but to pick him up and carry him into the house. That’s when everything changed for the deserving pup!
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Ryder showed up at the right time on the right porch and it’s a miracle to see. Congratulations to this beautiful family who is honored that Ryder chose them!
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