Deer Falls In Love With Dog And Introduces Him To Her Family

Many people are intrigued by stories of unusual couples, but these types of stories extend beyond the human world. In a series of TikTok videos, a dog has found an unlikely love interest of his own. A young dog named Kaptain (Kap for short) seems to be in love with a deer who walks outside his fence every day. So, his human started recording their adorable “dates.”
Of course, the odd animal duo could be just friends, but Kap’s human seems convinced that he and the deer have a forbidden love story going on. Kap’s followers are also very invested in his new relationship.
An Unexpected Love Story
Kap has a large fenced-in yard, and he loves to play outside, even in the snow. But his life changed when he saw a young deer walk past his fence. He didn’t bark or try to scare the deer off, and the deer wasn’t afraid to approach him. The two introduced themselves through the fence, and according to Kap’s human, it was love at first sight.
Yet, this wasn’t a one-time interaction. Kap’s human explained that the deer stops by to visit him almost every day. Kap usually waits patiently in the yard or by the window to see if his deer friend walks by. When he sees her, he races outside to say hello. If he sees her during a walk, he always stops to admire her.

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When Kap’s human notices him interacting with the deer, she records it and posts it on TikTok. As a result, many followers have become eager to see updates on the odd love story. Many people suggest that maybe the two know each other from a past life. Regardless of the explanation, these two animals are drawn to each other more than they are to any other animals.
Kap Meets the Family!
Eventually, the deer decided that it was time for her to take the relationship to the next level. One day, she brought her friends and family with her to meet Kap. All of them were calm around Kap, so it’s clear that the deer talked him up. Hopefully, the deer’s family approves of her new boyfriend.

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After introducing her family, the deer continued to see Kap the following days, so he must’ve made a good impression. His relationship with the deer is different than how he reacts to other wild animals. For example, one video shows a moose walking near the fence, but Kap doesn’t get excited like he does for the deer. So, their relationship truly is special.
Kap’s mom hasn’t posted many updates about the relationship lately, but they’re likely still going strong. For updates on Kap’s life, you can check out his TikTok page.

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