5 Best Dog Subscription Boxes

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If you’re looking to spoil your furry best friend with one of the best dog subscription boxes, we’ve got the list you need to make your search a little easier. Whether you want a subscription box for the toys, the treats, or both, any of our favorite boxes will delight your dog with every month that passes.
But boxes of toys and treats are about more than just pampering your pup.

While toys are cute, they also provide much-needed playtime. And play is about more than just fun. Playing with toys is an essential part of a well-adjusted dog’s life because playtime provides dogs with exercise and mental stimulation, improves behavior, and helps socialization and bonding. And did you know the best dog  treats can also help with all these things while being tasty too? Subscribing to a monthly box can help your dog live their best life while spoiling them!
But with dog boxes now flooding the market, which is the best dog subscription box? We’re here to help you make the right choice by explaining the factors to consider when shopping for your pup’s ideal box. This info, coupled with our list, will have you subscribing to your favorite box in no time!
Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Subscription Boxes for Dogs
Why Subscribe to a Dog Subscription Box?
You love to spoil your dog with new treats and toys, so why not make life easy and have a box of goodies sent to the house? Your pup gets new things to try while you save money on stuff you probably would have purchased anyhow.
How Much Does a Dog Subscription Box Cost?
The price of monthly subscription boxes ranges based on the type of products you choose, how often you receive a shipment, and if you include multiple dogs in your subscription. But expect an average price of thirty dollars per month, with some box brands starting as low as fifteen dollars and ranging up to fifty dollars and above.
What Comes in the Best Dog Subscription Boxes?
If you can imagine a dog product, chances are, you’ll eventually come across it in your dog’s monthly subscription box! Boxes often include toys, treats, and essential dog gear like collars, leashes, grooming tools, and cleaning products. Others will include apparel, while still others provide health or dental solutions.
Can You Customize a Dog Subscription Box?
The best subscription boxes for dogs will allow you to customize treats and toys for your dog’s individual needs. After all, you don’t want to pay for monthly dog boxes with products your dog can’t use or doesn’t like. Look for boxes that allow you to tailor content options for toy types and treat options.
Do Dog Subscription Boxes Have Options for Dogs with Specialized Diets?
Most boxes will allow you to customize treats and chews for dogs with special dietary needs. Whether your pup needs grain-free options or has allergy considerations, the best subscription box for your dog will have just what they need to stay happy and healthy!

Factors to Consider About the Best Subscription Boxes for Dogs
What is it you love to spoil your dog with the most? Toys and treats? Or are you interested in health and dental products? Maybe you’re looking for a monthly dog box with prizes for you and your furry one. You’re sure to find whatever you want in a subscription box when you start perusing the choices.
Dog Size and Breed
Breed type often determines size and energy levels, and both these factors play into choosing the best dog subscription boxes. Little dogs need toys made for their small mouths and statures, while the same is true of big dogs. Also, large-breed dogs tend to be the power chewers, so they’ll usually need more durable plush toys and stronger chew toys. Most companies curate their boxes according to weight and provide the option to choose your pup’s size during sign-up.
Toy Materials
Heavy chewers need tough toys and if your pup is one who really sinks their teeth into their toys, look for a pet subscription box that features toys made for heavy chewers. These boxes will also include treats that are great for gnawing. But if your furry friend likes soft and plush toys instead, look for options that allow customization and specifically mention soft toy options.
Dietary Needs
During sign-up, many dog crate subscription brands will ask if your dog has allergies or dietary restrictions. To learn more about a company’s treat offerings, read over the FAQs on their website to find out what nutritional needs they can accommodate before you commit. And if you’re concerned about the quality of the treats your dog eats, look for boxes that offer snacks with human-grade ingredients without artificial additives.

The Best Subscription Boxes for Dogs Summary

Best Overall – BarkBox
Best for Treats – Wüfers
Best for Customizing – PupJoy Build Your Own Box
Best for Toys – Pooch Perks
Best for Dental Health – Bark Bright

The 5 Best Dog Subscription Boxes: An In-Depth Look
#1 – BarkBox – Best Overall

What Comes With This Dog Subscription Box?
Coming up with the best-themed boxes, BarkBox makes your dog’s day with two toys, two treats, and one chewy treat. The toys are tailored to your dog’s size and playstyle, while the treats take your dog’s allergy and diet preferences into account when building your monthly box. During sign-up, you can also purchase add-ons like extra toys or treats. And if your pup is one who tears into toys, check out BarkBox’s Super Chewer Box. It comes packed with two tough toys, two full-sized bags of treats, and two meaty chews for chomping.
What Dogs Will Love This Monthly Subscription Box?
BarkBox is an overall win for the best monthly dog subscription box because it’s made for every dog! With their adorable themes and varied options in toy selections, there’s something for pups, great and small. And because it’s completely customizable, you can get precisely what your dog wants. But if your dog isn’t one hundred percent happy, the BarkBox pack is there to make it right.

Customizable for your dog’s play style and dietary needs
Offers a 100% Happy Guarantee
Highly-rated and trusted option
Amazing customer service
Easy to cancel
Lots of plush toys


Some plush toy offerings don’t stand up to heavy use
Some customers report repeat toys

Price: Starting at $23 per month; plans based on dog size
Frequency: Monthly; boxes shipped within the first two weeks of each month
Shipping: Standard shipping rates apply, but if you choose a $9 add-on to your monthly plan, you’ll qualify for free shipping.
Special Offers: Get a double first box for free! 

#2 –Wüfers – Best for Treats

What Comes with This Dog Subscription Box?
With Wüfers Cookie Club, you’ll choose the themed cookie box your dog will love most, and they deliver gourmet, hand-designed dog cookies straight to your door. These deluxe cookies are baked and decorated with locally-sourced, human-grade ingredients in Ontario, Canada. And these are no small cookies; some can be as large as six inches. That’s multiple servings for dogs of any size! Because they arrive individually wrapped, cookies stay fresh for up to fifteen months without freezing or refrigeration.
What Dogs Will Love This Monthly Subscription Box?
Any pup who craves the taste of a yummy cookie will dig this treat box! And because Wüfers allows you to add additional boxes for less than thirty dollars, this fun cookie club is one of the best subscription boxes for multiple dogs.

Made with human-grade ingredients
Baked with Whole Wheat and Spelt Flour
Dogs love the taste
Cute, themed designs
Individually wrapped for freshness
No refrigeration or freezing needed
Skip boxes whenever you need


Not for dogs with some dietary restrictions
No substitutes or customization

Price: $44.95 without a subscription. Month-to-month subscription costs $39.95 per box. Prepay for a year and get each box for $36.95.
Frequency: Monthly, but you can choose a frequency of every other month with the month-to-month option.
Shipping: Standard shipping is free with orders over $30. Depending on your location, paid 2-day express shipping is also available at checkout. Ships to the US only through their website, but Canadian shoppers can buy via Amazon.
Special Offers: Choose the annual billing option and receive a FREE birthday or gotcha day Cookie Box.

#3 – PupJoy Build Your Own Box – Best for Customizing

What Comes With This Dog Subscription Box?
With a focus on responsibly-made and give-back goods, PupJoy lets you build your own box, so you pick out the treats and toys you know your dog will love. Simply choose your pup’s correct size and decide if you want your box to contain three, four, or five items. After you’ve selected your number of items, choose how you want to fill out the box from options for Soft & Chewy Treats, Crunchy Treats, Jerky Treats, Plush Toys, Fetch Toys, and Tug Toys.
PupJoy also offers pre-built boxes if you’d rather be surprised by the contents. And if you’ve got a dog who loves to chew, their Power Chewers Box is one of the best dog subscription boxes for super chewers on the market.
What Dogs Will Love This Monthly Subscription Box?
From petite pups to hefty hounds, dogs of all ages will find pleasure in a PupJoy box!

100% satisfaction guarantee
Free shipping
Adorable and sturdy toys
Never includes products with artificial or dangerous ingredients
Includes environmentally-friendly goods, packaging, and ethical supply chains
Update or cancel whenever you want


Some toys may be too large for small dogs

Price: Build-your-own-box prices start at $28.50 per month, while prebuilt boxes begin at $30.99 monthly. And whether you customize or opt for variety, you can purchase a single box or save with multi-month delivery plans.
Frequency: Monthly
Shipping: Boxes ship within one business day of orders with free shipping to the US and $5 to Canada.
Special Offers: Join PupJoy Points to earn discounts or free gifts!

#4 – Pooch Perks – Best for Toys

What Comes with This Dog Subscription Box?
Pooch Perks Boxes arrive stuffed full of all-natural, USA-made treats and premium fun toys customized to your dog’s preferences, no matter their size. In addition to accommodating dogs with food sensitivities, Pooch Perks also allows you to choose from three box types:

Popular Pooch with two toys, 2 USA-made treats, and one natural small treat or chew
Pampered Pooch with 3 – 4 premium toys, 3 USA-made treat bags, two natural small treats or chews, one premium accessory, and one waste bag roll
Toys Only with three plush toys

You can also choose whether your dog needs plush toys or toys for heavy chewers. And with options to pay monthly, every three months, six months, or annually, you can tailor the perfect price for your budget. They also offer Happy Birthday and Welcome Home Puppy one-time boxes for your furry one or to give as a gift.
What Dogs Will Love This Monthly Subscription Box?
Pooch Perks will be a hit with all dogs because their plan options let you choose whether you want a box with toys and treats or only toys. Need to buy boxes for more than one furry family member? You’ll find Pooch Perks is one of the best subscription boxes for multiple dogs because they offer a mixed box option for families with dogs of differing sizes.

So many plan options for optimal customization
Affordable for all budgets
Great for dogs of all sizes
Plush or durable toy options
Wide array of super cute toys
No hassle canceling


Toys may not stand up to the most aggressive chewers

Price: Boxes range from $11.95 for a sampling of premium products to $35.95 for completely customizable premium treats and toy boxes.
Frequency: Monthly
Shipping: Most products and monthly dog box plans have a flat rate shipping charge of $2 anywhere in the USA.
Special Offers: Save 10% on a twelve-month dog box subscription. Shop now!

#5 – Bark Bright – Best for Dental Health

What Comes With This Dog Subscription Box?
Bark Bright is a dental chew and toothpaste duo that works together to fight plaque, tartar buildup, and doggy breath. And when you sign up for this dog dental box, you’ll receive a one-month supply of dog dental chews and triple-enzymatic dog toothpaste delivered right to your door and right on schedule. For a dollar a day, your dog will enjoy noticeably cleaner teeth and fresher breath in thirty days or your money back.
What Dogs Will Love This Monthly Subscription Box?
Every dog will benefit from Bark Bright because good dental health is a must for all pups. Available in three sizes with formulations for small, medium, and large dogs. Check with your vet before using it on puppies under six months.

Easy to use; just add toothpaste to chew, and your pup does the rest
Better breath and cleaner teeth
Affordable dental support
Made with real chicken


Only one flavor offering

Price: $25 per box when you sign up for a 6-month subscription or $30 per box each month for a month-to-month subscription.
Frequency: Monthly; boxes are shipped within the first two weeks of each month
Shipping: $5 flat shipping rate
Special Offers: Free extra month when you sign up for a six-month plan.

Any of these subscription boxes for dogs will certainly make your best friend happy. But one among them will reign supreme for your pup. Which box will you choose from our list of the best?
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