The 15 Best Durable Toys for Frenchies

Frenchies love their toys. And they love destroying them too! So when we asked our I Love My Frenchie Facebook community which toys, we got hundreds of responses. Below we’ll share a handful of the most popular suggestions on best toys for frenchies.
The 15 Top Toys for Frenchies, According to Real Frenchie Owners
Bark Super Chewer toys are amazing. The only toys I’ve found that my babies can’t immediately destroy!
Author: Marci M.
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I can vouch for the Nylabones.

Author: Charlie J.
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The giggle ball. Both my pups have one each & they pick it up & carry it about as well as rolling it all over the house. It has outlasted so many other toys.
Author: Shireen O.
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Mine loves nylabones. She loves bones that are peanut butter flavored. I have a frenchie, a boston/frenchie and a Boxer and they all have really white teeth. My boston tears up anything that squeaks. Most cutsie little stuffed toys only last an hour. They hate anything like Kong toys that are really hard rubber. All of mine are spoiled rotten.
Author: Myra P.
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Mine has had a Kong brand knotted Horse for about a year. And he does chew on it. One of the only toys he has not destroyed in 20 minutes. Don’t waste money on the giggle waggle ball, regular stuffed animals or the large Chuckit ball. Mine can destroy those in a few minutes
Author: Nancy T.
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Nylabones are so durable
Author: Arleen S.
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Not a toy but keeps Frankie happy for hours.

Author: Marianthy C.
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Split elk antlers. Absolutely the favorite of everyone here.
Author: Sheri A.
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GoDog Dino toys. Chew guard technology doesn’t stop them completely but certainly lasts longer than most.
Author: Debi L.
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Kong from vets indistructable
Author: Janice B.
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Fluff & Tuff brand toys All of them last forever You can buy them at Mudbay stores in the PNW or Amazon
Author: Jamie L.
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My frenchies have 6 of these, the oldest toy being 7yrs old, still not destroyed. They love these.

Author: Sonya K.
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These darn squeek peas from Menards, she won’t let them go

Author: Randy H.
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Chuckit balls – they last forever!
Author: Shirley M.
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Fluff & Tuff have been a hit for our boys. They usually last 6-12 months. They might get a hole in them 2-3 months in, but we take some stuffing out near the hole and they last longer.We also love bark bones by pet qwerks brand

Author: Nick M.
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