Bird’s Sole Purpose Is To Annoy The Dog Who Taught Him All About Love

Two unlikely friends, or should we say brothers, formed a bond that is so unique we just had to share the story with you all.
Meet Haku and Bear– a cockatiel and a dog that are inseparable and their story will melt your heart!
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Haku was used for breeding. But thankfully the little guy was rescued by Shore Sanctuary. When Haku was brought to his new home, he was severely depressed. He’d sit alone at the back of his cage, wanting nothing to do with anything or anybody. But then he met Bear and was totally transformed.
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The bird formed a love for Bear which led to an unwavering trust. He sang to Bear and nibbled on his ear as if he were telling him a secret. Bear’s patience and devotion changed Haku, who was then able to trust humans as well as other birds.
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While Haku can be a bit of a nuisance, Bear is so patient with his bird brother. Bear will just lie there as Haku walks all over his body and sings to him. He’ll even sit on Bear’s head to just chill or ride him around. Bear doesn’t mind one bit! The siblings’ bond is so tight that no one would dream of separating them. They don’t care that one is a bird and one is a dog- their love exists anyway. Let their bond be an inspiration to us all.
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