Pit Bull Confined In Shelter Had Superpowers All Along

A Pit Bull, later named Benny, sought refuge high on a cliff in Paterson, New Jersey. He refused to come down because he only felt safe out of reach. If he stayed up there alone, he wouldn’t survive long.
A woman, named Danielle, from a rescue group thought she’d give it one last shot.
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As she climbed the cliff, she called out to Benny, “I’m not going to hurt you. Come on, good boy, come on.” But as Danielle got closer to him, Benny backed up more. This worried Danielle because he was actually getting closer to the edge and would likely fall.
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Danielle didn’t want him to run again or fall off the cliff so she called animal control for additional help. They arrived quickly and were able to get him. Once back at the animal control facility, Benny was a nervous wreck but he had to stay there for a 7-day hold.
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Danielle visited him every day and took him for a walk. They bonded rather quickly and once the hold was over, Benny was able to go home with her. Danielle fostered Benny until he found his forever family, which he did quickly with Jessica and her husband Vernon.
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Benny was introduced to his new sister, Sky. The pair became inseparable but what followed next could’ve never been predicted. Benny developed a keen sense that would help his family through a traumatic time. Benny actually put his paw on his dad’s shoulder to reassure him that everything would be okay.
Dogs are amazing, don’t you think? As Benny’s parents say in the video below, he came into their lives at exactly the right time.
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