10 Best Dog Collars

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The best dog collars are comfortable to wear, stand up to a pup’s every activity, and last for years. So, before you throw one in your shopping cart just because it’s cute or cheap, check out the collar’s make. You want your furry bestie to be comfy in their favorite accessory, after all!
But have you seen all the dog collars to be found online? Which one of the thousands on thousands is the one your dog needs? While we can’t tell you exactly which collar works for your pup, we’ve made a list of our favorites to narrow your search. As you peruse our list, keep your dog’s size, energy level, on-leash behavior, and overall temperament in mind. Knowing your pup’s needs will help you find the best collar for your dog. Before we get to the list, let’s check out what makes a collar a winner.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Dog Collars
Should Dog Collars Be Left On All The Time?
When hanging out at home and staying inside, it’s okay to take your dog’s collar off from time to time. Taking a break from it can reduce rubbing that causes hair loss. Plus, it just feels good to go bare sometimes! You enjoy kicking off your shoes, right? Think about your furry friend’s collar the same way!
What Is The Two Finger Rule For Dog Collars?
The two-finger rule simply means you can easily slide two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck when the collar is in place. The collar should feel comfortably snug when you do this. Be sure there’s not enough give that your dog can slip out of it.
What Is the Best Material for Dog Collars?
For a long time, rugged and sturdy leather was the optimal choice for dog collars, but now, leather has a competitor. Nylon comes in beside leather as an excellent material for durable dog collars. Often, you’ll see nylon listed as nylon webbing when searching collars. Clothing and accessories made with nylon webbing are usually strong and stand up to rough use.

Buying Guide For the Best Dog Collars
The most crucial element of a dog collar is the fit. When dogs aren’t properly fitted in their collars, they become vulnerable to risky situations. A dog slipping out of their collar at the wrong time can lead to disaster, so apply the two-finger rule when ensuring your pup’s collar fits just right.
Size and Breed
Your dog’s breed makeup often determines its size. And when searching for collars for dogs, size matters. You don’t want to buy a Chihuahua collar when you’ve got a Great Dane! But even if your dog is a smaller breed, some of them, like Dachshunds and Corgis, might have thicker necks and require a larger collar than you realize. To make life easy, measure your pup’s neck before you buy, so you know exactly what to get.
Don’t skimp on quality to save money or just because a collar is cute. Low-quality collars can fall apart or break, leaving you and your friend in a potentially dangerous situation. Ill-made collars can also cause irritation or hair loss. Check customer reviews to see what buyers say about quality.
In addition to being one of the most used items your dog owns, collars can also enhance their appearance. Collars for dogs are available in various designs, colors, and styles, allowing your best friend to make a statement about who they are! From bowties to blingy necklace collars to pop culture designs, there’s a collar for every dog. But whatever you choose, ensure it has sturdy buckles or locking clips and has rings to attach a leash and ID tag.
Now, let’s find the dog collar for your pooch from our list of favorites!

The 10 Best Dog Collars
#1 – Joytale Reflective Dog Collar: Best Overall Dog Collar

The Joytale Reflective Dog Collar is a robust and durable collar that won’t hurt your dog’s neck and looks good too! This dog collar is made of nylon and available in five sizes ranging from eight to twenty-eight inches. With more than a dozen color options, you can also choose your dog’s favorite color. And designed with cushioned neoprene, it’s also soft, flexible, and drys quickly. Plus, the reflective threads ensure high visibility at night. An additional loop allows for clipping tags and leashes to the collar.

Secure buckle closure
Variety of sizes
Color options galore 
Great price
Matching leashes available 


Some reviewers complain of a chemical smell

#2 – LupinePet Dog Collar: Best Durable Dog Collar

The LupinePet Dog Collar brims with style, practicality, and top-quality materials. The jacquard-woven nylon has the design woven into the webbing rather than printed or sewn on, meaning it won’t fade away. And Lupine’s collars are made with strong bar-tack stitching and welded steel hardware, and the ends of the material are turned under and stitched to protect fur and skin. The steel D-ring for leash attachment is securely sewn into the collar for extra durability. LupinePet offers a replacement guarantee if your dog decides to use it as a chew toy.

Multiple sizes
Durable nylon and tough stitching 
Custom-designed side-release buckle
Welded steel D-ring
Comfortable and soft
Can be machine or hand-washed
Made in New Hampshire


Not suitable for smaller dogs 

#3 – Black Rhino Comfort Dog Collar: Best For Energetic Dogs

If your dog has been known to chew their collars or play rough, you need the Black Rhino Comfort Dog Collar. This sturdy dog collar is built with a double-layer, heavy-duty design durable enough to handle the busiest and strongest dogs. But it’s still soft and comfy to wear thanks to odor-resistant neoprene that dries quickly after getting wet. Reflective stitching also helps to keep your pup visible in low-light conditions. And its available in various sizes and colors to get a perfect style and look for your dog’s unique preferences.

Ultra-durable for active dogs 
Several colors and sizes option
Great price


Not ideal for small dogs

#4 – Max And Neo Dog Collar: Best For Puppies

The Max and Neo NEO Collar offers a nylon collar that’s two millimeters thick and nearly an inch wide, making it durable and comfortable. A heavy-duty nylon snap buckle features a lockable tab (XS not lockable) to prevent accidental release. Leashes attach via a sturdy anodized D-ring, while the metal adjustment slider has a second loop for dog tags and charms. And here’s a bonus; for every dog collar purchased, Max and Neo donates one to a rescue dog.

Sturdy and flexible 
Lockable buckle tab prevents accidental opening
Reflective stitching for nighttime walks
Separate ID tag loop
Variety of colors and sizes
Donates collars to rescue dogs


May not hold up with extra strong dogs

#5 – Ruffwear Flat Out Dog Collar: Best For Everyday Use

The Ruffwear Flat Out Collar, formerly the Hoopie, features Tubelok webbing to give dogs a long-wearing, comfortable collar. A side-release buckle allows easy on and off but stays firmly attached when you’re on the go. Clip leashes to the thick aluminum V-ring and ID tags to the second ring designed for just that purpose. The ID attachment ring also comes with a sound dampener made of silicone to stop the jingling. And with outdoor-inspired colors and patterns that won’t fade or wash out, this collar is ideal for dogs who love hiking and camping.

Stylish look for those who love the outdoors
Easy to clean
Doesn’t absorb odors
Dries quickly
Convenient side-release buckle 
Durable but soft 


Not many color options

#6 – If It Barks Martingale Collars For Dogs: Best For Large Dogs

The Martingale Collar from If It Barks is a high-quality martingale collar made with durable materials to give you full control over dogs with narrower heads or larger builds. A humane no-choke anti-pull system, this collar style prevents dogs from pulling and slipping the collar over their heads in a bid for freedom. Two layers of highly robust nylon webbing and nickel-plated steel hardware ensure this collar can endure the wear and tear of everyday use. Choose from twelve striped color options and three sizes.

Top-quality materials
Several colors and sizes option
Great price


May be too big for smaller dogs 

#7 – PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar: Best For Leash & Harness Training

Stop the pulling with the Petsafe Gentle Leader Headcollar! Made with a padded noseband, this headcollar gently encourages your dog to remain at your side by placing pressure on the back of the neck instead of the throat. It’s an excellent choice for even the strongest of pullers. And while you’re teaching your dog leash manners, they’ll still be able to bark, eat, drink, and play fetch with this collar. It’s also fully adjustable and slips on and off easily. Choose from nine colors and a range of sizes.

Padded neoprene noseband
Sold in five sizes
Several color options
Durable and comfortable 
Teaches good leash manners 


Not ideal for small dogs

#8 – Blueberry Classic Dog Collar: Best Budget Collar

The Blueberry Classic Dog Collar is a simple but sturdy dog collar option with a highly-affordable price. It’s adjustable, flexible, and comfy to wear. And because it’s available in four sizes and a whole rainbow and beyond of colors, you’ll find the perfect collar to reflect your dog’s personality. As a Newsweek award winner, this collar won’t disappoint.

High-density nylon webbing
Eco-friendly plastic buckles 
Steel leash ring
Great pricing
Lots of color options
Durable and comfortable


Takes a while to dry after getting wet 

#9 – GoTags Reflective Dog Collar: Best Personalized Dog Collar

If you’re looking for a custom dog collar, then the GoTags Reflective Dog Collar is the one you need! Personalize it with up to twenty-five characters, which should be plenty of space for a name and contact number. With this information on the reflective strip of the collar, you won’t need jingly ID tags. Comfortable, flexible, and made of durable nylon, GoTags’ personalized dog collar is offered in five base colors with fifteen thread color options. And if it gets dirty or scuffed, just give it a quick scrub.

Personalized with your dog’s important info
Spot clean easily 
Durable and comfortable


Reflective strip can show wear over time, dimming nighttime visibility 

#10 – Illumiseen LED Dog Collar: Best Light-Up Dog Collar

If you and your dog often head out for walks at night and want more light and safety, the Illumiseen LED Dog Collar will be the best dog collar you’ve ever met. Two LED light strips are stitched inside the collar’s nylon webbing, making it bright without being blinding. And this cool collar runs on a USB rechargeable battery that gives five hours of illumination per one-hour charge. That means you’ll take multiple walks before charging is needed. Though this lighted collar is water-resistant and splash-proof, it shouldn’t be submerged. And you can pair them with Illumiseen’s matching dog leashes.

Brightly lit for ultimate visibility
Also works as a regular collar
Buckle is easy to clip/unclip
Durable and comfortable 


Shouldn’t be submerged

Alright, from the sea of dog collars, we found the best. Hopefully, our list has delivered a quick decision so you can make your purchase and then get outside with your dog!
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