Pup Was No Longer Wanted But Still Tries To Follow His Dad As He Leaves

A heartless dog owner tied his Pit Bull on a short leash and left him alone on the street. As his dad walked away, the pup frantically tried to get to him, having no clue he was no longer wanted. Leaving a pet like this is beyond cruel.
The surveillance video shows people walking past as if they couldn’t have cared less. But thankfully this Pittie’s story is far from over!
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Finally, the right person saw the desperate dog and freed him. The woman took him for a walk nearby and the pup was understandably confused. He had no idea where he was or if she could be trusted. His trauma dictated everything he felt. He lived through a nightmare. The person he trusted most deserted him like he was worthless… Would she end up abandoning him too?
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The Pibble’s new friend became his foster mom and named him Trap. Now, it was time to go home! As they drove, Trap laid his head on the kind woman’s arm. He was exhausted! Trap finally felt safe and did his best to let go of the haunting memories as he closed his precious eyes and drifted off to sleep.
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As he settled into his new temporary home, Trap’s foster mom taught him how to be a dog. She gave him all the love and support he had been craving. She showed him what life was all about and spoiled him with all the toys his little heart desired! Trap became so attached to his foster mom and wanted nothing more than to stay with her permanently. Does the deserving dog get his wish? See for yourself!
Screenshot via YouTube
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