The 20 Best Durable Toys for Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus love their toys. And they love destroying them too! So when we asked our I Love My Shih Tzu Facebook community which toys, we got hundreds of responses. Below we’ll share a handful of the most popular suggestions on best toys for shih tzus.
The 20 Top Toys for Shih Tzu, According to Real Shih Tzu Owners
This toy has held up really well and it’s Cash’s fave! He tears through everything, even the ones that say tear proof!
Author: Kimberly B.
Likes: 13

Shit tzus aren’t famous for tearing up toys like a bigger dog. My dog shakes her toys so she gets lots of little stuffed animals and her favorite toy is a smashed water bottle.
Author: Cyndi Shelby M.
Likes: 0

This is my girl’s favorite toy. It’s her baby. She has had it for 2 years and it is fine. I got it at
Author: Joann D.
Likes: 13

A Chinese box from Bark Box. He’s had for 5 years. Cannot tear it up, I just wash and give back. Bark Box about toys are guaranteed.
Author: Diana M.
Likes: 0

My Marley loves his koala bear
Author: Courtney M.
Likes: 2

We had 4 shih tzu at one time. 5 total through the years. None of them really played with toys lol. As puppies they chewed on stuffed animals but that’s it. No balls or chew bones.
Author: Deanna F.
Likes: 1

My baby Skipper had a small brown puppy that he had when he came to live with us. Don’t have a picture because we buried him with his brown puppy.
Author: Mary A.
Likes: 2

Mine have to many toys louie likes his little dog toy and his banana toy deeno likes absolutely that don’t squeak and the toy that sounds like paper
Author: Linda V.
Likes: 0

My sister bought my doggo a nerf gun last Christmas.
Author: Graham L.
Likes: 1

My Miggy never destroyed any toys. Tissues yes, cardboard and plastic dishes, yes but not his toys. My guy.
Author: Michelle DeBoeser C.
Likes: 1

Not any special toy but any toy I can through so he can run get it and bring it back lol he’s just a sweet boy who likes to have fun,
Author: Bunny M.
Likes: 3

Rosie loves her Lambchop. I had to cut 1 ear off that she kept chewing
Author: Christin S.
Likes: 2

Mine loves to chew elk antlers. Order from Amazon . Younger years loved to play ball
Author: Dorothy H.
Likes: 1

I got my Lacey the pink pig in this set she still hasn’t broke it 8-10 years later ?
Author: Jennifer F.
Likes: 1

Nyla bones. Mine has 3. He loves them.
Author: Mary Jo R.
Likes: 2

Author: Rowdey E.
Likes: 0

For some reason my Shih Tzu will not destroy these balls. She will shred a Kong ball in 5 minutes though.
Author: Corlis H.
Likes: 0

Kong dumbbell… Hugo tries to “tease” is with iy..
Author: Ruth H.
Likes: 1

Empty water bottle.
Author: Caulette G.
Likes: 1

I get mine bones from amazon indestructible
Author: Tracey C.
Likes: 0

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