The 20 Best Durable Toys for Rottweiler

Rottweilers love their toys. And they love destroying them too! So when we asked our I Love My Rottweiler Facebook community which toys, we got hundreds of responses. Below we’ll share a handful of the most popular suggestions on best toys for rottweilers.
The 20 Top Toys for Rottweilers, According to Real Rottweiler Owners
Jolly ball!! He never got through it.
Author: Sheranda Edwards W.
Likes: 18

Black kongs are extra tuff
Author: Scott A.
Likes: 7

My dog loves this thing. It’s on it’s second rotty and they can’t seem to destroy it
Author: Scott C.
Likes: 10

Kong are really strong.
Author: Candy Borges D.
Likes: 3

These are the three that have lived.a kong chew ring, a mamouth tire, large nylabones. Mow dead—. 3 Jolly balls, lawn mower tires, any tug toy most Kong toys can be destroyed in an hour.
Author: Cher W.
Likes: 5

Loves the chuck it ball
Author: Tanya Jean S.
Likes: 5

Nylabones for large breed dogs. Have had 5 Rottie’s and many Rottie fosters and none have destroyed any
Author: Gene E.
Likes: 0

So far, the toys we got in their Bark Box for excessive chewers are holding up nicely.
Author: Lynn B.
Likes: 0

Jolly Balls! We had them in varying sizes. The biggest was almost like a horse ball
Author: Wynne P.
Likes: 0

Boots loves his horns
Author: Amanda S.
Likes: 0

I have a bone for heavy chewers from Amazon has lasted my puppy almost a year and it’s only half eaten.
Author: David C.
Likes: 0

This has lasted 3 years with three rottweilers..
Author: Chadwick W.
Likes: 4

King Kong frisbee. Brilliant it’s rubber so they can paw it and pick it up.
Author: Russell O.
Likes: 1

Still looking…this Jolly egg has been working. Has holes in it now but he’s happy he can carry it
Author: Renee K.
Likes: 0

Any rough Dawgs toy. They can’t chew them up
Author: Thomas E.
Likes: 0

Jolly balls are great! The hard one that is about 8 inches round, is almost indestructible by my mastiff and our rottie
Author: Tracey C.
Likes: 5

Tuffy Toys seem to work out for our Lola
Author: Marcia H.
Likes: 0

Her lambchop, she’s had it since she was a pup
Author: Amy L.
Likes: 0

Nylabone, the red bone shaped ones, actually made of rubber.
Author: Daniel C.
Likes: 0

Barrett Ball indestructible
Author: Karen B.
Likes: 1

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