Mom Has Adorable Responses When Followers Criticize Her “Grinch” Dog

When it comes to dog hair coloring, dog parents have very mixed reviews. Some think vibrant colors are silly and adorable while others are quick to call it animal abuse. So, it wasn’t a surprise when thousands of people had something to say about a woman dying her white Miniature Schnauzer to look like the Grinch.
Despite using pet-safe dye and turning to a professional groomer, Ashley Spielmann received backlash when she dyed her dog named Rizzo green and red. Instead of picking a fight, she decided to post more videos to show how happy and loved her furry friend is.
An Unforgettable Christmas Style
Rizzo is the newest member of the Illinois family. Ashley brought him home to be a companion for their black Miniature Schnauzer named Sosa. Ashley said her kids love Christmas and the Grinch, so she thought it would be fun to dye Rizzo’s light-colored hair to look like him. After all, Schnauzers have naturally grumpy faces like the famous Dr. Seuss character.
Ashley contacted Rizzo’s groomer and told her about the festive idea. The groomer happily agreed to give the pup a new look. She used a dye that’s vegan, non-toxic, and pet-safe. The appointment didn’t take any longer than a regular small dog grooming appointment, so it didn’t cause unnecessary stress for Rizzo.
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“We love Christmas in our house and I knew with his white fur our groomer would be able to color him fine,” Ashley said. “I was so excited when I saw him coming out of the groomers. She sent pictures during the process and after when he was all blow-dried and I loved it immediately, which I knew I would.”
When the look was complete, Ashley was excited to share a video of the dog’s transformation on TikTok. However, not everyone was as amused by the hair coloring as she was. Many people commented saying they loved it and wished they could give their dogs a similar style while others were quick to pity the dog and shame the family.

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Family Addresses the Controversy
It’s easy to get discouraged by angry comments on the internet, but Ashley was mature when responding to them. After reading through people’s concerns, she made several videos showing that Rizzo wasn’t “sad” or “abused” as random people claimed. She posted videos of the cute Grinch-colored dog wagging his tail, running around playfully, and cuddling with his humans.
Of course, pet dye isn’t always humane. If it’s not pet-safe or if a nervous dog gets dyed, it can be problematic. But Rizzo’s family knows him better than anyone else, and they brought him to a groomer he’s familiar with. In the initial photos, he looked a little grumpy, but most dogs look grumpy at the groomer, especially Schnauzers. Luckily, not all the comments were negative.
“My goal in doing this was to spread happiness, smiles, and the Christmas spirit,” Ashley said. “I actually had a lady message me on TikTok who told me that the day she saw my video was while she was in radiation therapy for cancer. She said it made her whole day. It was so awesome, this complete stranger who is going through one of the hardest things, that my dog could make her day.”
It’s okay to be concerned about pets on the internet, but it’s not okay to be rude to the pet’s family as a result. Rizzo’s family loves him very much, and being dyed green hasn’t changed his happy-go-lucky personality. Ashley said she would consider doing something similar for future holidays, regardless of what people think.

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