10 Best Dog Bowls

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 Your pup will tell you the best dog bowls are full ones! And while this is true, as a dog parent, you look for more than just how much a bowl can hold when choosing the right dish for your dog. Sure, volume is a consideration but so are features like materials and cost. And if you have a dog that gobbles its food too fast, you may be looking for a slow-feeder dog bowl to stop the scarfing! Or, your pup may prefer an elevated dog bowl. 
But whatever type of dog bowl you’re looking for, the options may seem endless once you start scrolling through online retailers. To help narrow your search, we’ve compared the competitors and compiled a list of the best dog bowls. Before you review the list, check out our answers to your dog bowl questions and what features to consider before buying a food dish.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Dog Bowls
Should dog bowls be made of metal, plastic, or ceramic?
Stainless steel is ideal for dog bowls as it’s durable and easy to clean. Ceramic dishes are the next best option, but always check that the bowl is not chipped, cracked, scratched, or broken before feeding your dog. Plastic bowls are okay, but they can be easily scratched, and bacteria can grow deep inside the crevices, out of cleaning reach. Replace plastic dog bowls when you see wear, and always choose BPA-free options.
What’s the most natural way to keep ants out of dog bowls?
Just as your dog is attracted to a bowl of food, ants can sniff out the remnants of your pup’s delicious food just as quickly. And when you find ants marching through your dog’s dish, of course, you don’t want to spray chemicals everywhere your dog eats. Cleaning up spilled food or washing the bowl after meals can help deter ants. But if the little pests keep on, try applying petroleum jelly along the bottom edges of a bowl. This makes it too slippery for ants to climb over the edges. It can be messy so maybe set your dog’s bowl on a food mat to protect your floor.
How should I clean my dog’s bowl?
As dog lovers, we’ve all seen and felt that nasty slime that forms in our dogs’ food and water bowls. This mucus is called bacterial biofilm and results from bacteria attaching to your dog’s bowl and releasing a slimy substance that’s slick on every surface. To fight this filmy buildup, wash your dog’s bowl in hot, soapy water after every meal. Or, choose dishwasher-safe dog bowls that can be shoved in with the other dishes for a high-temp power clean.
Do dog bowls need to be raised?
No. In most cases, dogs do well without a raised bowl. But an elevated dog bowl can relieve neck strain in aging dogs or aid digestion in specific cases. Or, if your dog has long legs, they may enjoy not having to reach down so far to enjoy their dinner with the help of an elevated food dish.

Buying Guides: What to Look for in the Best Dog Bowls
Whether you’re looking for cleanliness, comfort, or a cute design for your home, dog bowls come in a wide variety of options. However, choosing the best dog bowl depends on your furry friends’ unique needs. Consider these factors before you buy.
If you’re in it for durability, choose stainless steel dog bowls for your pup. Ceramic bowls often come in an array of attractive designs, while plastic bowls offer affordability. But plastic and ceramic dog bowls can break easily, whereas stainless steel can take a beating and keep going. You can also choose eco-friendly dog food bowls made from sustainable materials such as bamboo or recycled/upcycled materials like bicycle tires and plastic bottles. But when it comes to sustainable dog bowls, some options may be more durable than others. Check reviews to see if breakage is a problem. And if you need the bowl to be portable, consider collapsible options made from canvases or silicone.
Some dog bowls, especially those designed for large and giant breeds, come bundled with an elevated feeder stand. Using an elevated dog bowl feeder may be more comfortable for your dog than bending down to eat at floor level, especially if he is tall, suffers from joint pain, or has limited mobility.
Naturally, you want your dog’s food bowl to fit their meals without spillover. Yet, bigger isn’t always better for your dog’s dinnerware. A roomy bowl can make their ration look scant, making it incredibly tempting to overfeed your dog. A bowl in which your dog’s meal fits without overflowing can help you stick to appropriate serving sizes.
Now, let’s have a look at our favorite dog bowls!

The 10 Best Dog Bowls
#1 – FOREYY Raised Pet Bowls
The stylish Foreyy Elevated Pet Bowls features two stainless steel bowls in a natural bamboo wood frame. And non-slip feet keep the station stable even with the most enthusiastic eaters, while the bamboo repels moisture. The elevated design also helps reduce bloating and neck strain. This dog feeding station is one of the more reasonably-priced options, and the affordability, coupled with its sturdy build, makes it an easy choice for our list of the best dog bowls. Choose from four heights and bowl sizes: 4″ Tall-20 oz bowl, 7″ Tall-30 oz bowl, 10″ Tall-50 oz bowl, or 15″ Tall-65 oz bowl.
Key Features:

Two premium quality stainless steel bowls
Sturdy elevated bamboo stand
Anti-slip feet create stability and protect floors from damage
Easy to move
Four heights from four to fifteen inches to fit any dog


Made of stainless steel bowls and natural bamboo that repels water
Dishwasher safe bowls
Easy assembly
Great for any size dog breed


Users complain that mold may grow on wood near bowls if not kept clean

#2 – Coldest Dog Bowl

The Coldest Dog Bowl provides another quality stainless steel dog bowl option for your consideration. And no matter your dog’s age or size, you’ll find the bowl they need thanks to 21 oz., 42 oz., 64 oz., and 100 oz—size options. And almost two dozen color and pattern options allow you to choose one that fits your pup’s personality or matches your home. But beyond an attractive design, this best dog bowl is triple-wall insulated for zero condensation and features a premium non-slip rubber bottom to stop bowl scooting. An ultra-smooth coating keeps the dog bowl cleaner longer and makes washing away grime an easy task.
Key Features:

Triple-wall insulated stainless steel
Premium non-slip bottom
Available in four sizes: 21 oz., 42 oz., 64 oz., and 100 oz.
More than twenty color choices
Ultra-smooth bowl helps to keep bowl cleaner


Dishwasher safe
Durable food-grade stainless steel
Non-slip for no spills
Lots of cute patterns and colors


Higher price tag
Suited better to larger dogs

#3 – Beco Sustainably Made Bamboo Pet Food

Attractive and made from durable materials, the Beco Bamboo Dog Bowl is an eco-friendly dog bowl option that lands on our list for its environmental sustainability and cute designs. They’re made of bamboo, cornstarch, and rice husk, which creates a durable dish that’s stylish too. They’re available in various colors and patterns to match your pup’s dog bowl to their personality or your home decor. Choose between a small three-cup bowl or a sizeable 6-cup option and give your pup just the right size. And you can handwash it with soapy water or place it on the top shelf of your dishwasher. Beco offsets one hundred percent of its carbon emissions through ongoing investments in exciting global projects.
Key Features:

Classic round design
Made from eco-friendly bamboo, cornstarch, and rice husk
Strong and sturdy plastic alternative
Available in five stylish color options: Coastal Grey, Fresh Mint, Honeycomb, Midnight Blue, and Ocean Waves (pictured here)
Every purchase donates a portion to environmental causes


Sustainable bamboo
Low-rim design makes testing easy
Dishwasher safe
Non-slip base
Cute designs
Affordably priced


Not suitable for large dog breeds

#4 – Hubulk Pet Dog Bowls

This choice is made from top-quality stainless steel and food-grade plastic, so they’re safe, durable, and easier to clean. They can be quickly rinsed or wiped clean after each use, but for a more thorough clean, both the bowls and the base can be tossed in the dishwasher. And for dogs who push their dishes around, the Hubulk Dog Food Bowls will stop the slipping and tipping, saving you from mopping up messes.
Key Features:

Bowls made from high-quality stainless steel
Cute bone-shaped base made of food-grade silicone
Designed for dogs of all sizes
No-spill silicone mat prevents messes
Base and bowls are dishwasher safe
Twelve colors and fours sizes available


Rust-resistant stainless steel
Stops dropped food from falling on the floor
Sturdy and cute
Dishwasher safe
A dozen color choices


Bowls are on the small side
Not very heavy, easier to move

#5 – YETI Boomer 8 Non-Slip Dog Bowl

The YETI Boomer 8 holds 64 ounces of water or food and is available in a rainbow of colors. Need something smaller? YETI also offers the Boomer dish in a four cups size making a great dog bowl for smaller breeds. Built to be tough, your pup will be hard-pressed to dent, scratch, or puncture this heavy-duty double-walled stainless steel dog bowl. And a non-slip ring built onto the bottom of the dish makes it difficult for dogs to move. No more sliding bowls! Plus, it’s dishwasher safe.
Key Features:

Built by a trusted brand that delivers excellent quality
Made of 18/8 stainless steel
Engineered with double-wall
Easy to clean and resistant to rust
Puncture-resistant, rust-resistant, and tough enough to handle any dents and dings
Choose your dog’s favorite color from fifteen choices


Durable and doesn’t rust
Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
Attractive, clean design
Available in 15 colors
Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free


Too heavy to take traveling
High in price

#6 – JASGOOD Dog Feeder Slow Eating Pet Bowl

Do you have a dog that eats too fast and pays the price with tummy aches? The JASGOOD Dog Feeder Slow Eating Pet Bowl is one of the best slow-feeder dog bowls to stop bloat and other digestive issues. It’s made from high-strength, food-safe ABS plastic that’s BPA and phthalate-free, with four rubber feet to keep the bowl in place. And JASGOOD slow feeder bowls are 100% recyclable, non-toxic, and will fully degrade over time. Choose from two sizes and a rainbow of colors, or buy a two-pack for a better value.
Key Features:

Fun puzzle bowl slows eating, so dogs savor their dinner
Made of high-strength, food-grade ABS plastic
Four rubber feet stop slippage
Wide base to prevent tipping


Non-slip base
Dishwasher safe
Slows fast eaters
Food-safe BPA material
Highly affordable option


Very lightweight and may wobble with vigorous eaters

#7 – Max and Neo Heavyweight Dog Bowl
Stainless steel bowls are great because they are typically durable, so they don’t have to be replaced often, and they’re easy to clean. Some are lightweight and can be tipped over more quickly than others. But not the Max and Neo Heavyweight Dog Bowl. It’s made from high-quality 204-thick stainless steel, so your pup can’t tip it. The small bowl weighs 9 oz, the medium bowl weighs 16 oz, and the large bowl weighs 1.2 lbs. Plus, the entire base of the bowl is coasted in rubber rather than just around the edge to keep it from moving. And Max & Neo tests their steel via third-party labs to ensure it doesn’t contain heavy metals. In addition to making durable products, Max & Neo also donates to rescues and shelters with proceeds from every purchase.
Key Features:

Thick, heavy stainless steel construction
Full rubber non-skid bottom
Rolled lip edge
Mirror polished finish
Available in three sizes


Durable and long-lasting
Dishwasher-safe stainless steel
Sturdy construction
Full rubber bottom


Bowl could dent if dropped or handled roughly

#8 – Black Rhino The Dura-Bowl

The Black Rhino Dura-Bowl is made of food-grade stainless steel to stand up against rust, dents, and scratches no matter how frisky your pup gets when they eat! And because it’s made of durable steel with an insulated outer layer, this sturdy dog bowl option is cold and heat-resistant. A no-slip bottom holds it in place. Plus, you can choose from two generous sizes and six colors. To wash it, just stick it in the dishwasher.
Key Features:

Suitable for all dog sizes
Food-safe stainless steel construction
Heavy-duty and no-slip
Chew-resistant and shock-resistant
Double wall insulation
Available in 42 oz. and 64 oz. sizes


Stylish design
Non-slip bowl
Keeps water cool for longer
Hygienic stainless steel
Great value for the quality


Some reviewers report slipping

#9 – Ruff Products BarkBowl

Platinum curing is essential to ensuring silicone is safe for humans and pets. Without it, toxic fillers, such as formaldehyde, can be present and leach into food and water, but the Ruff Products BarkBowl platinum coats their food-grade silicone dog bowls to keep your pup safe. It’s durable, tear-resistant, and offers a larger make that suits small to large dogs. This travel dog bowl also features a silicone rim that won’t break down like plastic rims. An excellent option for hikes or camping, simply attach this collapsible dog bowl to your backpack with the included metal clip.
Key Features:

Portable and great for travel
Made from platinum-cured food-grade silicone
No hard plastic rim
Folds flat and compact
Included carabiner clip for easy toting
Microwave and freezer safe


Food-grade silicone
Waterproof – no leaking
Attractive design and color
Lightweight and collapsible
Easy to clean


More expensive than similar options

#10 – United Pets Pappy Dog Bowl

United Pets is an Italian brand offering a line of pet products for the modern dog lover. Their range includes the funky Pappy Dog Bowl, which stands out from competitors thanks to its stylish look. And better yet, this cute dog bowl is made from 100% second-life plastic for the eco-conscious. And thick non-slip rubber pads keep the bowl from slipping and sliding. The bone-shaped handle incorporated in the simple design is stylish and makes for easy handling. Plus, it’s dishwasher and microwave safe. Available in three sizes and a range of beautiful colors to match your home.
Key Features:

Wide bowl for food or water
Clean, minimalist design
Crafted from recycled plastic
7mm thick anti-skid feet
Five colors and multiple sizes
Dishwasher-safe and microwave safe


Non-slip bowl
Choice of pretty colors
Great value for stylish looks


May be too big for small dogs

Now that you’ve looked over our list of the best dog bowls and know what to look for when choosing one, it’s time to make your selection. And we think your dog will give their paw of approval when it comes to any of these options so long as you fill it with their favorite food!
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