We Bet You’ll Cry When You See This Man & His Dog Watching A Sunset Together

We dare you not to get misty when you read the tale of a man and his dog enjoying the sunset on a Portuguese shoreline and the woman overcome by emotion watching their tender moment. But if reading about something this good doesn’t set your eyes to dripping, then perhaps witnessing the video of the pair will get you going.
And with TikToker Erica’s darling reaction to the best friends thrown in, we bet you’ll need a tissue to mop up your happy tears! But don’t worry, with more than 32 million views and 7.5 million likes on the post, you and Erica aren’t the only ones sobbing at the sweetness!
A Dreamy Moment Made Better by Dog Love
Catching the sunset on a warm beach in Portugal, your experience couldn’t get much better. But when you turn around and see one of the purest moments ever, well, go ahead and call it one of the best days ever. And catching the pureness of a man and his dog having a hug while they watch the sunset, it’s no wonder Erika’s heart was overcome, and her tears began to flow.
Sharing the video on TikTok, Erika wrote of the heartfelt scene, “Literally can’t stop crying my eyes out.”
How could she not? The man and his dog are too sweet, scooting close for a cuddle. And so happy to be with his buddy, this golden dog just can’t help wagging its tail.
Plus, with the live band in the background playing the song “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You,” Erika caught a genuinely perfect moment in time.
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But this already adorable tale gets even sweeter…
A Man & His Dog Appreciate The Love
Erika took the video of the pair to share with her friends, but the moment was so tender that they encouraged her to post it. And when she did, the video exploded in popularity, leading one of the man’s former music students to comment. And from that student, Erika learned the music teacher and his furry one go everywhere together.
“We connected on Instagram, and we chatted, and she shared so many lovely stories about him and the dog,” Erika said in a follow-up post. “And then I ended up giving her all the photos and videos for him.”
The former student sent the images to her former teacher, “and he was super grateful.”
“He was so happy. And he had heard and seen the video from someone else.”
But he didn’t know the video had gone “mega-viral,” and upon learning how the world had fallen for him and his pup, Erika shared, “He’s very grateful for all the love, and he appreciates everyone enjoying that moment.”
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*Warning: Video contains profanity.

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