Dog’s Eyes Told A Tale Of Sorrow But Woman’s Willing To Rewrite His Ending

A dog, later named Barney, was found all alone in the snow. His eyes told a tale of heartbreak. He was left there to fend for himself and in this climate that meant he’d eventually freeze to death. When his rescuer found him, he was freezing cold and desperate. He needed a kind soul to help him. Thankfully a kind soul is exactly who showed up.
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Barney was taken immediately to the vet clinic. The vet confirmed he had been out in the snow for a long time but miraculously he was going to be okay. As he sat on the exam table, his rescuer held his face in her hands. That is when he wagged his tail for the very first time. The vet did find that Barney suffered from a parasitic infection and had to remain at the clinic for a few days. Considering all he had been through, this was a miracle diagnosis!
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Once home with his rescuer, Barney amazingly went for a walk in the snow. Barney’s new human was afraid that the snow would, understandably, trigger a response. But Barney did great! The story continues and can’t be missed. Thanks to Barney’s bravery and tenacity, and of course the kind soul who found him, he is living the life he deserves!
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