The 10 Best Dog Harnesses

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If you’re on the hunt for the best dog harnesses but not sure which one to choose, we’ve got you covered! The search can be exhausting with so many different harness options on the market. So, to help you find the right one for your pup, we’ve combed the competitors and found our favorites.
Our list of the best harnesses for dogs includes choices with helpful features like no-pull front leash attachment points, easy-grip handles, reflective strips, and locking buckles. We also considered comfort, ease of fit, and adjustment simplicity.

Harnesses are a safe, secure, and comfortable way to attach your dog to their leash. A good harness will reduce pulling, increase your control over your dog’s movement, and reduce stress on their neck and joints. Harnesses also provide a more secure option than collars for dogs who tend to tug or pull. And because your pup will likely use their harness daily, it’s crucial to find the right one. Consider these factors to give your dog the safest and most comfortable fit possible when it comes to their new harness.
Things To Consider Before Buying Dog Harnesses
Adjustment is one of the key points when buying a dog harness. Though you’ll take your dog’s measurements to ensure getting the right size, a perfect fit is rare. That’s why it’s important to buy a harness that adjusts. And the more adjustment points, the better. These adjustment points ensure the harness stays snug and grows with your dog as they age.
Chest Clip vs. Back Clip
Many dog harnesses have clips or loops to attach a leash to the chest or back portion. For dogs with a pulling problem, consider a harness with a chest clip. When a leash is attached to the front of the chest, it acts as a barrier your dog can’t cross, which causes your pup to slow their roll. For dogs that pull, a back clip may work against your best efforts, as your furry friend’s backward tugging can allow them to slip out of their harness if it doesn’t fit just right.

Padding can certainly make a dog harness more comfortable for your pup, but not all dogs require it in a harness. Some dogs do fine with strappy harnesses without padding because they only wear them for a short time, basically long enough to do their business. Other dogs wear them for the long haul because they are always on the go.
If your dog is out and about often, they may appreciate the comfort fleece or foam padding can provide. The same goes for highly athletic dogs. All that movement could cause some chaffing issues, but a little cushioning can make all the difference. For dogs with shorter coats or skin sensitivities, padding could help eliminate irritation to the skin from the constant friction.
Harness Material
Keeping your dog’s harness clean is essential, especially ones with padding. Choose materials you can easily wash or even spot clean. While sturdy and stylish, leather harnesses for dogs can be tough to clean. Lightweight materials like nylon or rope can be hand-washed; some will even withstand machine washing.
Now that you’ve got the perfect dog harness envisioned in your mind, we bet you’ll find it on our list of the best dog harnesses! Regardless of breed, size, or age, we’ve got options to fit every pup.
Our Top Picks For The Best Dog Harnesses In 2022

rabbitgoo Dog Harness
Embark Adventure Dog Harness
Puppia Soft Dog Harness
Eagloo Dog Harness No Pull
2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness
Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Harness
Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness
Joyride No-Pull Dog Harness
Gooby Comfort X Head in Harness
Expawlorer Big No Pull Harness

#1 – rabbitgoo Dog Harness – Best Adjustable Pet Vest Harness

The rabbitgoo Dog Harness features an easy on-and-off design that ensures hassle-free donning. This no-pull dog harness is specially designed with two metal leash rings for safer dog walking. The chest clip prevents pulling on walks and can help train your dog out of this frustrating behavior. A total of four adjustable straps allow you to create the perfect fit for your furry friend. Slide the adjuster and pull or push the straps to tighten or loosen the harness. Two side buckles ensure the harness remains securely in place with no slipping. You can fasten and unfasten the easy buckles without any problem.
Made of durable nylon that’s easy to handwash, it’s also filled with soft cushioning to protect your dog’s skin. Plus, breathable mesh keeps your dog cool during outdoor activities, making it suitable for all seasons. And super bright reflective strips allow for safe walking day or night.
Key Features:

Comes in an array of colors
Better control with two metal leash attachments
Sturdy top handle for lifting your dog
Padded for comfort
Available in S, M, L, and XL


Two points of attachment
Has a handle


Plastic buckles
Difficult to adjust at first

#2 – Embark Adventure Dog Harness – Best Lightweight Harness

The Embark Adventure Dog Harness is lightweight and designed to allow movement without chafing or discomfort. The design of the padding around the neck protects your dog’s throat if your pup is one who pulls against the leash. It’s made from military-grade nylon ripstop and built to last. The buckle exceeds national pulling strength guidelines by 130 pounds, meaning this dog harness can stand up to the strongest dogs! And if you need precise control, the top handle lets you get a grip on your dog.
A recent redesign updated the leash attachments with metal D-rings for better safety and durability. Also, longer straps provide a better fit. And once you’ve adjusted the harness to perfection, you’ll be able to slip the harness over your pup’s head and go!
Key Features:

Size adjustable and non-choke
Two metal D-rings for leash attachment at chest and back
Metal D-rings have pulling strength of 750 lbs
Sturdy buckles for increased safety & durability
Long straps for extra adjustment
Made from military-grade nylon
Reinforced stitching
Four color choices: black, orange, pink, and teal blue


Attractive design
Super stylish and lightweight
Adjustment for a good fit
Quick-release buckle
Thick padding provides extra comfort


Rough edges may cause rubbing
Washing instructions not listed

#3 – Puppia Soft Dog Harness – Best Dog Harness for Comfort 

The Puppia Soft Dog Harness is made of soft and comfortable polyester and is suitable for small dogs such as Chihuahuas, Pugs, or Yorkshire Terriers. The chest portion features a breathable air mesh material, making it ideal for warmer days. And the lightweight construction also helps to keep your pup cool and comfortable. It’s easy to get on and off, thanks to easy-to-use buckles, making it great for squirmy puppies. This soft harness for dogs is available in a rainbow of colors and also makes sizes for larger dogs too.
Key Features:

Chest strap with air-mesh for extra comfort
Matching leash available
Inner filler promotes superior comfort
Made with breathable polyester
Available in multiple colors and sizes


Breathable and comfortable
Machine washable
Made of 100% polyester
Comfortable around the neck


Not advised for dogs that pull
Needs some effort to adjust
May not be suitable for deep-chested breeds

#4 – Eagloo No-Pull Dog Harness – Best Lightweight Padded Harness for Dogs 

The Eagloo No-Pull Dog Harness makes your dog’s safety a top priority. Its thoughtful design reduces pressure on the neck and includes dual leash attachment rings. There’s one ring on the back for well-behaved walkers and a second one on the front chest piece to prevent pulling or choking for pups who need a little practice on the leash.
This no-pull harness can also be customized to fit your canine companion thanks to four sliding buckles on the straps, with two on the back and two at the neck. After adjusting them once, you’ll be able to slip the harness over your dog’s head and have them harnessed up in a hurry. The material is soft and perfect for various uses, whether strolling around the block or hiking on the trail. This best dog harness ensures you and your dog’s satisfaction and comes with a 100% quality guarantee.
Key Features:

Soft and lightweight padding
Made with high-quality, breathable nylon material
Lightweight construction
Perfect for various uses such as hunting, casual walking, and training
Available in four sizes and eight different colors


Front leash clip prevents pulling
Comfortable for long days and active pursuits
Highly reflective
Soft and lightweight
Low price


May not be suitable for large dogs with excessive strength

#5 – 2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness – Best Designed Dog Harness

If you have a large dog, you’ll love the control the 2 Hounds Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness offers. This harness provides sizing to fit dogs with a chest circumference of up to 44 inches and down to 14-inch chests. The straps adjust in four places allowing for an optimal fit to keep your dog safe and comfortable.
Plus, you can help your pup learn leash manners because this harness offers leash attachments on the back and chest. As veterinarians and trainers recommend, this provides better training control. And 2 Hounds designed this harness to be durable with quality nylon and stainless steel hardware. They also offer a chew replacement guarantee for their dog harnesses.
Key Features:

Includes strap with dual connectors for better control when training
Stainless steel hardware
Super strong nylon
Swiss Velvet-lined chest strap prevents rubbing and chaffing sores
Features dual connection with two structurally sound rings
Manufacturer will replace up to two chewed straps
Great for puppies, adult dogs, and seniors


Available in two widths
Handle for more control
Available in 19 colors
Adjustable straps
Great option for deep-chested dogs
Easy to use & comfortable to wear


On the pricey side
Included leash is short for tall walkers

#6 – Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Harness – Best Comfort Fit Harness for Dogs 
Train your dog not to pull with the Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness. This harness is available in sizes for chest circumferences as small as 12-inches and can accommodate puppies as small as five pounds. With larger sizes also available, it’s a solid choice for the biggest fur babies too.
Kurgo designed their harness with five adjustable points to allow for optimum adjustment so it grows with your puppy. It also features easy-release buckles to remove the harness quickly. The non-pull front D-ring is perfect for training dogs not to tug and pull when walking on a leash. And once your pup has learned not to pull, you can use the clip on the back of the harness instead. Each purchase of this no-pull harness also includes a 10-inch seat belt tether to keep your dog safely in place in the car.
Key Features:

Comes with a dedicated seatbelt attachment strap and carabiner
No-pull harness made of sturdy ripstop fabric
Five adjustable points
Plastic Weinerlock buckles
D-ring in front to discourage pulling
Second D-ring on the back for easy walkers
Sizes X-Small — X-Large in 3 color choices


Sturdy construction
Three color options available
Fits the smallest to tallest of dogs
Great for leash training with front leash ring


No handle for more control
No nighttime reflectors

#7 – Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness – Best Breathable Construction Harness

The Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness is our go-to style for dogs who need a lightweight option, such as small dogs and those with arthritis. The low-profile style is another plus for miniature breeds and small, low-bodied dogs. It’s a durable choice constructed from breathable ripstop polyester, closed-cell foam, nylon, and aluminum.
Adjustable at both the neck and chest, this is a dog harness suitable for dogs of all sizes and one that can grow with your pup. And you’ll love the ergonomically-crafted hardware for easy leash attachment. With a spot to attach a safety light and reflective accents, it’s great for nighttime walks.
Key Features:

4 points of adjustment for a customized fit and full range of motion
Reflective trim increases visibility in low-light conditions
ID pocket keeps information easily accessible
Foam-padded construction
Comfortable for extended wear
Designed for easy on and off
Ten colors and five sizes available


Durable and lightweight
Breathable construction
Sturdy and easy to put on
Customizable fit
Double clip option


More expensive option
Bulky design

#8 – Joyride No-Pull Dog Harness – Best Easy On and Off No-Pull Harness for Dogs

The Joyride No-Pull Dog Harness is designed to slide on and off your dog with ease. Designed for simplicity, simply snap the chest buckle in place, then snap the side buckle, and you’re ready to go. As for adjustability, the front strap features a Velcro closure for a perfect fit. Your pup can wear it for leisurely walks or hikes in the woods. And with two options for leash attachment, you can use the back ring for behaved walkers and the side ring to train against tugging.
Additional benefits of this harness include reflective tape for visibility in the dark, durable materials, quality construction, and comfortable, breathable mesh. An easy-to-grip handle gives you another point of contact to stay in control of your dog during training. Comes in five sizes to fit any dog! Plus, you can choose from nine colors, including a cute plaid option.
Key Features:

Soft and breathable nylon mesh
Side ring no-pull technology
Easy grip handle on the back
Sizes X-Small — 2X-Large
No choke with easy on-off technology
Available in 9 colors


High-quality construction
Velcro chest strap creates ultimate adjustability
Soft padding
Easy on-off technology


Side ring leash attachment isn’t suitable for all dogs

#9 – Gooby Comfort X Head-in Harness – Best Padded Mesh Harness for Dogs

The Gooby Comfort X Head-in Harness is an excellent choice for small-breed dogs, with a design made specifically for dogs weighing less than 30 pounds. The patented X-strap design prevents dogs from choking with straps that cross over the chest. And because it’s made of breathable polyester mesh material, your dog won’t get too hot in this harness when outdoors. A sturdy D-ring ensures secure leash attachment. This option makes our list of best dog harnesses for many reasons, but the icing on the cake, it’s machine-washable! Available in four sizes and 12 colors.
Key Features:

No-pull and no-choke
Designed for small dogs under 30 lbs.
Patented X-shape straps reduce stress on the neck
Lightweight and comfortable mesh polyester fabric
High-quality metal D-ring for extra security
Custom-designed buckle for easy release
Available in 12 vibrant colors


Quick-release buckles
Metal alloy D-Ring
Four adjustment points
Breathable and lightweight
Comfy padding


Small handle
Not the easiest to adjust the first time

#10 – Expawlorer No-Pull Harness – Best Easy-to-Adjust Harness
 The Expawlorer No Pull Harness has several key advantages over models. It has only two straps, making it one of the easiest harnesses to adjust and also one that makes slipping it on and off a breeze. And the firm handle on the back allows you better control when your pup gets a little rowdy. Its design allows a better range of movement for your dog and prevents choking while curbing pulling.
Comfy and breathable, your dog won’t mind wearing this harness a bit, and the thick padding means they’ll be happy to wear it for longer periods of time. Nighttime walks are also made safer thanks to highly reflective strips. Choose from three color options and three sizes for a perfect fit.
Key Features:

Easy to wear and adjust
Easy control handle
Suitable for medium and large dogs
Side D-rings help prevent pulling
Four adjustment points for a custom fit
Comes in a trio of color choices for visibility and style


Easy to adjust
Large back handle for excellent control
Huge rear clip-in point
Very affordable
Highly effective at night


Lacks a front “no-pull” clip-in point
No chest T-strap causes sliding on some dogs

So, there’s the skinny on the best dog harnesses. We hope this guide helped make your choice a little easier because who wants to be stuck inside, scrolling page after page of harnesses when there’s a whole world of fun waiting for you and your dog to explore? Now, it’s time to make your dog harness purchase so you and your pup can get outside and make some memories together!
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