Panicked Dog Looks On As Dad Performs Emergency Surgery On His Best Friend

Leo the Goldendoodle is a very spoiled pup. If you don’t believe me, just take a peek at the Instagram page he shares with his two dog siblings, Rowan and Otis.
Despite his charmed life of treats, toys, and furry companions, Leo has one special friend he regards above all others. It’s a brown stuffed animal of some sort. Since Leo has chewed its ears off, it’s hard to tell whether the toy began life as a stuffed dog, horse, or something else entirely. Whatever the plush entity is, Leo adores it, so when he accidentally disemboweled it during a boisterous play session, he was rightly concerned.
A Devastating Injury
According to Leo’s owner, Hayley Alaxanian, he became a bit too enthusiastic while playing with the brown being, resulting in the exposure of the creature’s fluffy innards. Clearly, this was a very serious injury. Some may even call it catastrophic. But poor Leo can’t be blamed. Despite his size, he was still just a puppy and far too young to understand the consequences of his actions.
Luckily, Leo’s dad was nearby when the accident occurred, and the man’s hidden talent was about to come in very handy.
“[My dad] took the toy away from him and put it away so he couldn’t reach it, but he was crying and trying to reach for it,” Alaxanian told The Dodo. “That’s when my dad decided to get his sewing kit out and started sewing it back together.”
A Delicate Procedure
In a short video filmed by Alaxanian, Leo sits incredibly close, watching intently as his surgeon dad attempts to put the toy’s insides back where they belong. His eyes follow each in-and-out, back-and-forth motion of the needle and thread. At one point, Leo appears overcome with emotion, momentarily burying his face in the crook of dad’s arm.

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Finally, the procedure is finished — and it’s a success! Thanks to dad, the horse/dog/creature will survive to play another day!
“That is the first time I’ve seen him sew a dog toy together,” Alaxanian noted.
Leo is noticeably relieved and extremely grateful to have his friend back, as you can see in the second clip above.
Hopefully, Leo has learned to be a bit more careful with his stuffed friends. But being a Goldendoodle, probably not!
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