Woman On Mobility Scooter Carelessly Drags Dog Down The Road

Warning: Some viewers may find this video disturbing.
A disturbing video of a woman on a mobility scooter dragging a helpless dog down a street in the Erdington area of Birmingham, England has viewers outraged.
The footage, shot by a concerned witness, shows the dog barely struggling as he’s dragged along by the neck.
According to the latest reports, the dog has since been seized by police and is receiving veterinary care through the RSPCA.
Screenshot via DailyMail
The Harrowing Footage
In the video, the person filming seems to give the woman the benefit of the doubt, shouting from his nearby car to alert her of the dog in distress.
“You are hurting your dog,” he yells.
“Sorry?” the woman replies, seemingly clueless as to the act of cruelty she is committing.
“You’re hurting the dog! The dog’s dead! You are hitting the curb,” the cameraperson pleads as the desperate dog attempts to stand. “The dog’s gonna die you know, bro? The dog’s gonna die, stop the f***ing thing, man.”
The elderly scooter driver appears to look right at the camera before calmly turning away, muttering something inaudible as she continues down the road at a high rate of speed.
Screenshot via Daily Mail
The Internet Steps Up To Alert Authorities
The video first gained attention when it was shared by the Birmz Is Grime blog on Twitter. The caption reads: “Who is this person? This dog needs to be found and rescued.”
Viewers agreed. Commenters chimed in, posting, “Why has no one stopped her?” and “Poor dog. I hope they find the lady driving and take the dog off her.”
When the clip came to the attention of the RSPCA, they confirmed that they were looking into the incident, and asked the public to come forward with any information that might help them track down the endangered dog.
The RSPCA confirmed they were looking into the incident and are asking the public to help provide information.
“This video is very shocking to see,” an RSPCA spokesperson said. “It has been brought to our attention and is now being looked into by our experienced officers. Anyone with any first-hand information about the incident should call our emergency line on 0300 1234 999.”
The local police department of West Midlands also reached out to assure concerned citizens that they were on the case.
“We’re aware of a distressing video circulating on social media involving a dog. We’re told it happened somewhere in Erdington, Birmingham within the last few days. We’re currently looking into this to see if we’ve received any reports and will also liaise with the RSPCA.”
Screenshot via Daily Mail
The Dog Is Now In Good Hands
A tweet from the Erdington Policing Constituency account, provided an update on the case days later, saying:
“A dog who was seen in a video posted online has been seized by police and is now in RSPCA care and being checked over by a vet. Our inquiries are ongoing so we won’t be releasing any further information at this time, but we’d like to thank West Midlands Police for assisting with this investigation and helping to find the dog so quickly.”
Watch the disturbing video at your discretion.

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