Adorable Lab Has The Best Manners When Offered A Cheeseburger

For most people, going through the fast food drive-thru with their dog will result in chaos. Most dogs will lunge at the opportunity to gobble up your chicken nuggets, even if you didn’t offer them any.
While most people would expect a dog to inhale a McDonald’s cheeseburger in one bite (including the wrapper), not every dog is this food-obsessed. Lander the Labrador Retriever loves getting special snacks at drive-thrus, but he earns his treats. Instead of tearing apart the entire car to get some food, he shows better manners than most humans would.
Lander Gets a Cheeseburger
A TikTok user, whose name is listed as Chrystal, posted a video of her ordering a special cheeseburger for Lander. In the video, Lander sits patiently in the passenger seat as his mom pulls up to McDonald’s and asks for a cheeseburger with no onions or pickles. Onions aren’t safe for dogs and Lander doesn’t like pickles.
When most dog parents pull up to the drive-thru window, their dogs usually get excited and curious about the food smells. But Lander did not react. Even when the employee handed the food to his mom, Lander remained the calmest dog possible. He barely looked at the food, and he didn’t sniff it or try to take a bite.
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First, Chrystal opened the wrapper to make sure there were no onions on the burger. Then, she cut it into fourths for Lander. She set the fourths in between the two of them and told Lander he could eat them. However, the dog didn’t budge. He seemed curious, but he didn’t lunge for the burger like a normal dog would.
Lander didn’t eat the burger pieces until his mom handed them to him. He happily ate them, but he chewed them delicately and wasn’t greedy at all. This pup may have the best manners of any dog on the planet!
The Most Patient Dog in the World
TikTok users immediately fell in love with Lander. All the commenters couldn’t believe that Lander wasn’t greedier with his food. One even suggested that he might be a cat instead of a Lab. And several pointed out that their dogs would eat the bag and part of the car to get to a cheeseburger.
But these calm behaviors are normal for Lander. To prove it, Chrystal posted a second video of Lander getting a roast beef sandwich from Arby’s instead. He seemed to enjoy eating the roast beef better than the burger, but he was still patient and waited for his human to hand-feed him.
Lander seems to have a naturally calm attitude every time he’s in the car, and it’s the cutest thing ever. He seems to have figured out the perfect system to get spoiled with fast food and get it hand-fed to him. Maybe his videos will help encourage other pups to be patient so they can be spoiled with cheeseburgers too.
Watch Lander’s TikTok Video Here:

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