Women Walk Over To Decorated Box That’s ‘Crying’ On The Ground

Several women came across a beautifully decorated box that was placed on the ground. They couldn’t believe what was inside! A tiny puppy, merely a few days old, was lying there. Whoever dumped her left a bowl of milk beside her but because she’s so young, she couldn’t drink it on her own.
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One of the women brought the tiny puppy home. She needed to be bottle-fed around the clock. Her eyes were cloudy and she had frequent diarrhea. She also cried out incessantly because she missed her mom. The kind woman wrapped her up to keep her warm. The vet also told her, by phone, to give her medicine to help her tummy issues.
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The woman’s other dog, Stefania, sweetly watched over the puppy now named Indigo. Considering the situation, Indigo seemed to be in stable condition. She slept soundly, nice and cozy in a blanket, beside her new furry friend. Stefania didn’t leave her side.
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The kind woman made an appointment at the animal clinic which was several hours away. The doctor explained that Indigo’s eyes were in bad shape but surgery wasn’t an option. Medication was the pup’s best bet. Time would tell if her sight would improve.
Indigo’s journey can’t be missed. Her resilience is an inspiration to all! Check out her full rescue story and transformation in the video below.
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