Travis Barker Honors Recently Deceased Dog In The Most Precious Way

Travis Barker, drummer for 90s rock band, Blink-182, is mourning the loss of his beloved dog Blue. Barker shared ownership of the French Bulldog with his 16-year-old daughter, Alabama Luella Barker, whom he had with ex Shanna Moakler.
The 46-year-old rocker shared a heartwarming tribute to Blue on his Instagram story, featuring photos of the dog throughout his life. An accompanying video showed Travis and Alabama petting Blue in his final moments. As a further show of his devotion, Barker had the dog’s adorable face permanently inked on his left thigh.
Tributes to Blue
Barker captioned his Instagram story, “I’ll miss you Blue. You were the best dog. I was always waiting for you to say something. Love you 4ever boy.”
Alabama took to TikTok, sharing a 32-second montage of video clips showing Blue as a frolicking puppy right up to the final days.
“I love you my baby, Your mommy loves you more then life could imagine, [you’re] going to have the most amazing life in heaven, until we meet again my son I love you more then life itself. 💔.”
On her Instagram Story, Alabama wrote:
“You will never understand how much you helped me on my darkest days. You slept next to me, the way I would throw your ball and you would run with excitement, or the eyes you had that just touched everybody, I’ll never forget you my baby. I know you’ll have the most amazing time up in doggy heaven. Until we meet again my love.”

@alabamabarker #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound – alayna

A Permanent Memorial
Travis Barker is no stranger to tattoos. In fact, he has received criticism online from followers claiming he will regret the extent of his ink when he is older. Barker, who married Kourtney Kardashian in May, has always clapped back at the haters and stood by his body art. In response to one particularly cruel comment, he wrote:
“When I’m older I’m probably gonna hang out with other badass tattooed dudes and generally look awesome. What are you gonna do when you just look like every other old person?”
His newest piece is a beautiful memorial tattoo of Blue’s face located on his inner left thigh. The portrait is done in shades of black and gray. Barker shared the entire process in an Instagram post, showing the artwork as a sketch, a stencil, and finally, a finished piece on the skin.
Barker’s band Blink-182 announced last month that they will embark on a world tour across Latin America, North America, Europe and Oceania in 2023. His wife, Kourtney Kardashian, plans to accompany Barker for at least a portion of the tour’s shows.
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