9 Gross Things Your Dog Does That Might Be Caused By Their Food

Undying love. Unquestionable loyalty. Playtime and cuddles on demand. There are an infinite number of reasons to love your dog. But real love is never easy, and we have to take the good with the bad. For all the things they give us to love about them, there are just as many things that make us scratch our heads, hold our noses, and sometimes even gag. 
Our sweet pups don’t try to gross us out on purpose. Many of the things that make us say “ew” aren’t even their fault! So many of our dogs’ horrific habits can be traced back to the bag, box, or can you have in your kitchen right now. If your dog is guilty of any of these super-gross habits, consider whether the real culprit might be their diet.

Many of these issues might be signs of larger problems, so make sure you consult your veterinarian if you see any of these issues persist.
 1. Gas

Dog gas is notoriously toxic. Whereas our human loved ones might have the tact to walk away before they pass gas, our dogs have no problem blowing a fart right next to us on the couch. You may have accepted by now that your TV buddy has frequent bubble guts, but imagine a world in which you can finish a show after dinner without sitting in a cloud of dog gas. One where you don’t have to hit pause so you can let the room air out. 
Your dog may not complain much, but we all know how painful and uncomfortable a gassy belly can be. Gas is a symptom of several issues, but stomach upset caused by dog food is a common reason many pet parents miss. Not all dog foods are created equal, so they won’t all be a good match for your pup, even if there’s a similar breed pictured on the packaging. Your dog may have sensitivities or his food may contain common belly-bubbling ingredients you may not know about. 

Switching out the contents of your dog’s bowl may help cut your dog’s frequent farting – and help you breathe much, much easier. Ollie is the best way to ensure your dog is getting exactly the food they need and not those gas-inducing additives. They’re dedicated to using only delicious, nutritious ingredients without any of the farty fillers often found in other foods. Want to give Ollie a shot? Click here to get 60% off your first box of Ollie + free shipping!
 2. Diarrhea

Poop is unpleasant in all forms, but nothing is worse than the dreaded poo-puddle. Diarrhea is impossible to pick up at the park, extremely smelly, and painful for your pup. You’ve likely seen them continue to squat after they’ve already gone without making any more poop – this is because they still feel like they need to go even though they already have. It’s not a good feeling. Furthermore, diarrhea can cause dehydration if your dog isn’t replacing the water they’re losing, and that can cause many other problems for your poor pooch. 
Diarrhea is just one more issue that might be traced back to the box, bag, or can you have in your pantry. If your dog is suffering from diarrhea frequently, talk to your vet and express any concerns you may have about the food they’ve been eating. 
3. Shedding

Have you ever denied a dog a hug because you knew they’d leave you covered in fur? It’s not fair to a dog who just wants a little love to tell them “no,” but sometimes we’d like our clothes to be clean when we walk out of the door. We want our dogs to be in our hearts – not on our clothes and in our mouths and noses. 
Every dog sheds but excessive shedding might be a sign of an unhealthy coat. It can leave you, your home, and your family covered in dog hair even if you brush constantly. If your dog leaves more hair on the couch than they have on them, consider whether your pup is getting everything they need from their bowl. 
 4. Dander

Nobody likes it when Fido flakes all over the furniture. Least of all, Fido. Dog dander can be a big irritant for allergy-prone humans. Real big. Think runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, and even skin rashes. But for all the discomfort dog dander can cause humans, our furry friends are the ones who suffer the most. Flaky, dry skin is no picnic for pups. All the scratching your dog will do to relieve the itch dry skin can cause will just shake loose even more skin flakes.
We usually fight flakes with shampoo, but how often do you actually bathe your dog? How effective are those shampoos, really? Itchy skin and the accompanying flakes can be a symptom of a larger problem: poor diet. Instead of treating the symptoms with shampoo after shampoo and seeing short-lived results, tackle the problem at its source. A high-quality diet tailor-made to your dog’s specific needs, like Ollie, can help you forget the flakes and relieve your dog of itchy, dry skin. 
 5. Excessive heavy breathing

There are some breeds that we just accept are going to be noisy breathers. The short-muzzled pups like Pugs and Bulldogs get a pass, but other breeds should not be heard struggling for air. If your dog is panting and snorting after a short walk, you may consider whether your dog is obese. Obesity isn’t something that happens overnight, so you may not notice that your dog is growing larger in front of your eyes. 
We try our best but sometimes those little charts on the food packages can be difficult to decipher. Many foods seem to leave our dogs hungry even after we’ve fed them the recommended amounts, and we find ourselves slipping them table scraps and a few extra treats here and there. We do it out of love but our dogs can become soft and squishy before we notice. Noisy and heavy breaths are hard to ignore and no fun for your pup. Pay attention to their waistline before they reach the point that they’re panting.
 6. Poop-eating

Dogs put some really weird things in their mouths. Without a doubt, the most disgusting thing a dog can do is eat poop. What’s really mind-blowing is that it’s SUCH a common issue! You’re not the only human out there who receives big, wet, chocolate-covered kisses! 
Dogs that eat poop probably don’t do it because they love the taste of their own processed waste. Our pups eat weird stuff because they’re trying to fill the gaps left in their diet. The food you buy off the shelf is often made to keep your dog feeling full – not give them the nutrients they need. It’s full of fillers and by-products that humans wouldn’t bother to eat. Your dog requires proper nutrition to survive and will eat grass, sticks, rocks, and even poop in a misguided attempt to get it. 

Don’t leave it to your dog to forage for food. The best solution to this problem is to give your dog everything they need in their food bowl (NOT the toilet bowl!) Nutritious food made with high-quality ingredients, like those found in Ollie, can help keep your pup from picking up any more poop. Try filling their bowl for only a fraction of the cost! Get 60% off your first box of Ollie + free shipping!
 7. Drooling

It’s a fact: dogs drool. Some dogs more than others – like your Mastiffs and St. Bernards. Some dogs, though, should not be so moist around the mouth. We love our puppy kisses but they’re not so pleasant when you’re sitting in a puddle after!
Drooling can sometimes be a sign of an upset stomach. It’s one of those little red flags that many people miss because we just accept that we must love our dogs through the drool. However, if your dog seems to be salivating more after meals, you may want to check their food. Expired food, table scraps, and treats pulled out of the trash can all cause tummy trouble, but it may also be that your dog’s food isn’t well suited to them.
 8. Excessive licking

Some people don’t mind, but it always bothers me when I’m trying to sleep or watch TV, and I can hear my dog slurping it up on her paws or belly or other body parts. The constant “lick lick lick” drives me nuts after a while, and I have to ask her to take it elsewhere. 
Excessive licking can be a sign of food allergies. Many allergens, like dairy, soy, and eggs, are used in even the top big brand-name dog foods that we trust. If your dog suffers from food allergies, you can cut a lot of the licking out of your life by switching to allergen-free food. Ollie offers a variety of recipes that you can choose from to keep your pup allergen-free and comfortable. 
 9. Vomiting

Nothing says “yuck!” like a puddle on the carpet. Our first instinct might be to shout, “Oh no!” but we know that this one definitely isn’t something our dogs are doing on purpose. Throwing up is a sure-fire, can’t-miss-it sign that something is wrong with your dog. 
Like diarrhea and excessive drooling, vomiting can be a sign of an upset stomach. Frequent vomiting, especially after your pup cleans their plate, is a big red flag. Your dog should definitely not be throwing up after every meal. Discuss the issue with your vet and if you have concerns that their food might be the cause, bring the packaging with you. 
How To Break Your Dog’s Gross Habits
All dogs are different, and some of these issues may be caused by other underlying problems. But if you think your dog’s food might be to blame, switching their diet could be an option worth trying. A healthy diet can help your dog ditch the discomfort caused by tummy aches, upset bowels, and vomiting. Not only that, but you may even see visible results in healthier skin and coat, and higher activity levels. 
Ollie is an excellent choice for pets who harbor gross habits. Their food is made with high-quality ingredients that you’d be happy to put on your own plate. Every recipe is listed on their website, so you can see before you order whether there might be any issue-causing ingredients, like allergens your dog can’t deal with. 

You won’t have to worry anymore about over-or-under-feeding your pup. There’s no more trying to calculate calories or crack confusing charts. Ollie portions your dog’s food so that they get exactly what they need in every serving without leaving them feeling hungry after. Their food is truly made just for your dog. They take into account your dog’s breed, activity level, age, and diet goals to recommend a personalized meal plan, and they ship it right to your door! 
Ollie can make it easy to have a healthier, happier dog. iHeartDogs readers can get 60% off their first box of Ollie + free shipping! Try it and see if your dog drops some of those dirty habits! 

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