25 Food Recommendations for Boston Terriers with Sensitive Stomachs

There are few things worse than dealing with diarrhea in your Boston Terrier! We asked our 800,000 members from Boston Terrier community on facebook the following question: “What’s the best food for a Boston Terrier with a sensitive stomach?”
We’ve summarized the best responses below. Always remember to check with your veterinarian before making changes that affect your Boston Terrier’s health. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be paid affiliate links at no additional cost to you. 

25 Best Foods for a Boston Terrier with a Sensitive Tummy
I would boil chicken with rice and pumpkin in a can. You could gradually add peas and carrots if he or she tolerates the chicken and rice
Author: Becky Montoya R.
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Purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach lamb and rice
Author: Cherie V.
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Honestly start with boiled chicken (grind it up) then slowly add different types of kibble based on tolerance. We use science diet that has a Boston Terrier on the bag. Helps gas and stomach upset.
Author: Cindy Morrison F.
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My Boston has had a sensitive stomach all her life and does amazing on Royal Canin Gastro Moderate Calorie.
Author: Melissa S.
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Purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach. I swap between the lamb and salmon. I also make a topper using a baked pork loin and Normandy or California mix frozen vegetables. I run it through the food processor and he has enough topper to use it breakfast and dinner for a month for $20
Author: Jennifer G.
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I feed mine Hills Science Diet Sensitive Skin & Stomach.
Author: Jane Lamb R.
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My Boston is allergic to poultry. Even byproducts. I found Blue Basics has a couple of versions with no poultry whatsoever. Also I make some food with salmon, steak, ahi blood meat, apple, and spinach. Blend it up, freeze it in ice trays and thaw a couple cubes each day for her. She’s 14, fat and happy .
Author: Kat V.
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I use pro plan sensitive skin and stomach. Salmon flavor. She really loves it. It took couple of days for stomach to settle down but great now!!!
Author: Deb P.
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We’ve tried many different dog foods cuz Daisy would through up Everything! Natural balance LID specifically the lamb and brown rice. No more throwing up and she loves it!
Author: Joi C.
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Blue Buffalo Basics sensitive stomach and skin I use Turkey and Potato’s but it comes in other flavors
Author: Pat W.
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Rachel Ray’s “Nutrish”. I’ve given my last 3 Boston’s it & they’ve loved it. My first 2 were 16 when they died!!! They were healthy to the end!
Author: Mary W.
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I give mine Royal Canin and he’s never had an issue with it. He’s a senior doggy too, so he gets that special formula.
Author: Calista D.
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We switched our 2 Bostons to the Farmers Dog. They love it and our sensitive pup has not had any issues since switching.
Author: Melissa R.
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I used nutrition for sensitive skin and stomach. My girl stopped vomiting right away
Author: Lynette S.
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I use hills I mix it with the dry hills of the same ,when I can’t get that I use canned chicken

Author: Jo-Ann W.
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Natural Balance Potato and duck …. Small bites
Author: Patsy G.
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I make home made food for our girl. I make a large portion in the slow cooker and then put it in individual baggies in the freezer, then I take one out t he night before and put in ref. over night to thaw. The one I made this time has green beans, squash, chicken, brown rice, pumpkin in can 100% just pumpkin. I add the mixture to a small amount of kibble. After adding all together I add Salmon oil. She loves it. I also use fish when I buy fish I get a small extra piece. I do not use beef due to her allergy with it. There are so many options, you just have to find what your dog likes. It is actually fun to add these fresh ingredients to the slow cooker and make healthy food for her, that she loves.
Author: Kathy Leigh B.
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We use NutriSource for our little furry smelly belly.
Author: Cynthia G.
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Farmers Dog eliminated ALL my dog’s digestive issues. But it’s pricey.
Author: Christine W.
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Our senior Boston developed stomach issues and we switched to Nature’s Recipe Grain Free with no problems. We found it at our local Walmart.

Author: Ginger G.
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Diamond Naturals Sensitive Stomach – Salmon & Rice recipe
Author: Lisa Jo Sachtleben V.
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Tractor Supply 4 Health sensitive stomach
Author: Pearl Beal H.
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My boy is on First mate and a probiotic. He has a very sensitive tummy. Since being on First mate…no tummy issues.
Author: Carol K.
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Iams chicken flavor
Author: Brenda Strate E.
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Feed mine Zignature Goat and they love it
Author: Nancy Louise Metcalf H.
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