Homeless Man Looks After Puppy With Broken Leg Until Help Arrives

Paw Squadron, an animal rescue organization in Bulgaria, received an emergency call about a puppy who was hit by a car. She was all alone with a broken leg following the incident, and she was terrified. Luckily, a homeless man saw the puppy in pain and wanted to help her. He didn’t have many resources for the pup, but he did what he could to comfort her and help her heal.
The emergency call led rescuers to an abandoned house where the man and puppy were staying. At first, it seemed like no one was home, but then they saw a tiny bit of movement.
Rescuers Save Puppy
The rescuers with Paw Squadron investigated every room of the house with no luck. But then, in the last room they entered, they saw a puppy’s tiny head peek out from a pile of blankets. The puppy hobbled over to the rescuers, and they saw that her injured leg had a wooden splint that the homeless man had made for her.
The homeless man wasn’t home when the rescuers picked up the puppy, but they later found out he was in the hospital. Hopefully, someone who knew him was able to tell him that the puppy was safe. No one knows who hit the poor puppy with the car.
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The puppy fell asleep in the car on the way to the vet. She had been through a lot, so she finally felt comfortable enough to catch up on her rest. After a checkup, the vet determined that the puppy was in good shape. Her leg was healing well thanks to the homeless man’s splint. She could walk surprisingly well on her leg, considering everything she went through.
On the Road to Recovery
After the puppy’s vet visit, the rescuers brought her to meet some other puppies at the organization, including a tiny one with which she immediately bonded. While playing with her new friends, she also learned that she loves chewing on shoes, even when people are wearing them. She also discovered the excitement of belly rubs.
With the vet’s approval, volunteers gave the puppy a nice bath, possibly the first one she ever had. She was very well-behaved during the process. She didn’t squirm or make any sounds. After that, her tummy was rumbling, so she got a delicious wet food dinner.
Once she was healthy and ready to start a new adventure, the volunteers helped her find the perfect forever home. This puppy is just one of many they’ve rescued, and they rely heavily on donations during these missions. So, if you’d like to help support Paw Squadron, you can donate on their website.
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