Cat Refuses To Be Left Behind During Dog’s Daily Walks

Meadow and Willow were two inseparable canine companions. The two pups would play together, go on walks together, and snuggle together. So, when Willow passed away unexpectedly in 2020, Meadow became lonely and heartbroken.
To fill the hole in Meadow’s heart, the pup’s family decided to adopt a new friend for her, but this new addition was very different from Willow. Meadow’s family adopted a kitten named Twig. Even though Meadow and Twig are two very different creatures, the two formed a special bond almost instantly. In many ways, Twig acts more like a dog than a cat.
Two Unlikely Friends
From day one, Meadow and Twig were very interested in each other. After their first night together, they were already sleeping with their heads touching. Their human, whose name is Lee, knew that Twig wouldn’t replace Willow, but the kitten brought new joy into Meadow’s life.
Ever since they met, Twig and Meadow have been inseparable. They eat with their bowls side-by-side, and they wrestle gently. At the end of an adventurous day, they cuddle up together to take a nap.
“When they play, you never hear them yelp or cry. So they know how to play with each other in a safe way,” Lee said. “It’s really comforting to know that when I’m not home, that they have each other.”
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But one thing that Twig and Meadow didn’t do together was walk. Meadow would go on her daily walks with Lee while Twig watched from the window. Twig always tried to follow Meadow out the door, and he looked sad when he was left behind. So, Lee started thinking of ways to include Twig in their outdoor adventures.
Twig Joins Daily Walks
When Meadow would go outside for her walks, Twig would patiently wait by the door until she returned. To cheer Twig up, Lee started bringing him along on walks too. At first, she carried him, but she knew there had to be an easier way.
Lee ended up getting a bag for Twig so she could easily carry him during walks. He sits in the bag with his head sticking out, admiring all his surroundings. Soon, Twig became a regular part of Meadow’s walking routine.
“Not many people would say that cats and dogs get along, let alone as good as Meadow and Twig do, and they kind of restore hope for humanity,” Lee said. “Like, if a cat and dog can be this sweet to each other, there is really no reason why us humans should struggle.”
According to Lee’s TikTok page, she’s now fostering a puppy as well. Twig and Meadow have welcomed the puppy into their home without hesitation. They’ll likely be sad when the puppy gets adopted, but they’ll always have each other, no matter how many foster animals come and go.
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