35 Food Recommendations for Labs with Sensitive Stomachs

There are few things worse than dealing with diarrhea in your lab! We asked our 800,000 members from lab community on facebook the following question: “What’s the best food for a lab with a sensitive stomach?”
We’ve summarized the best responses below. Always remember to check with your veterinarian before making changes that affect your lab’s health. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be paid affiliate links at no additional cost to you. 

35 Best Foods for a Lab with a Sensitive Tummy
My lab does well on Purina Pro Plan for sensitive stomach and skin . She likes the lamb and rice . But it’s an individual thing you just have to find something that agrees with yours .
Author: Patricia Pitzer Y.
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Home cook. Lean ground Chicken or Turkey, oatmeal, carrots and sweet potato. Amount dependent on weight of your lab. I have a 14 yr old Lab with pancreatitis for 6 yrs. Doing great.
Author: Catherine J.
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my guy does great on blue buffalo basics we do the turkey and potato
Author: Kelly W.
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4 Health at Tractor Supply. Made by Vets. They have one for sensitive stomachs. All my Lab eats
Author: Susan M.
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Ardengrange sensitive my lab is sensitive been on it for years and it’s the only food I’ve found that agrees with him ( he previously had bloat and twisted spleen )
Author: Katie Jones – J.
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Try Chappie. Very basic so good for sensitive tummies. I’ve used it on my rescue & it’s used on a number of rescue dogs that may have tummy trouble.
Author: Karen H.
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My vet recommended Purina Pro Plan for Sensitive Stomach. My girl loves the salmon and rice one and it’s helped her a lot.
Author: Cindy S.
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I would recommend AVA dog food for sensitive stomachs. Our lab is on this has been for years.
Author: Sarah B.
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Wellness…they have many unique options and blends for dogs with allergies and sensitive systems. Bern using their food for over 7 years and our dog does great!
Author: Cory Wroble W.
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Our Choc Lab has had a sensitive stomach from the start. Once we put her on Purevita she has been great. It has probiotics in it and I think that was the help she needed.
Author: Cary P.
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Natural balance salmon and sweet potato
Author: Marcia E.
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Pedigree my dog splash live to be 18 years four months and seven days that food is the best good luck if not talk to your vet
Author: Steven S.
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I put my Lab on Nature’s Recipe brand. It was the salmon, sweet potato and pumpkin formula which is grain free. She had grain allergies. She stopped chewing her paws raw after just a couple days of being on it.
Author: Glenda Stover H.
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No people food!!! We give our dog refrigerator pet fresh. He loves it and digest it well. They have different flavors
Author: Rosemary W.
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We use dr johns grain free chicken and sweet potato! Very pricy though and would love something cheaper that’s grain free
Author: Sarah D.
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I’m buying for my choc lab Harrington lamb and rice . Any other food he is farting like mad and he is poorly
Author: Aggie A.
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We have used FROMM Family pet food for years, including for kitties with sensitive tummies.. swear by it. Vet and breeder recommended…
Author: Kenny H.
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My daughters dog Dexter has IBS. And we give him Abound, grain free they have kibble and wet food, he does extremely well on Abound.
Author: Brenda F.
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Our lab was on Royal Canin Gastrointestinal. Is a prescription food we ordered from Chewy, was delivered right to the house
Author: Sheila P.
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We use James well-beloved biscuits turkey or lamb ones and the same brand for the topper she used to have seizures on lots of other food and non for 8 years x very sensitive for tummies and the best we have found x
Author: Naomi L.
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Bil-jac dried food. You don’t need to transition. Wish I had given my old lab this food…
Author: Lynda Rufener G.
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My Daisey has super sensitive stomach and she has been on blue Buffalo now for 4 years with no issues!! She loves the salmon!!!
Author: Melissa V.
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Hills science diet make a good one for Sensitive stomach. We have always used science diet for all of our labs
Author: Fran V.
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One of mine is touchy, I feed him holistic brand chow, and I crush a probiotic pill and mix it in
Author: Ernie S.
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My lab did well with Diamond naturals senior even when he wasn’t a senior he had skin allergies
Author: Cammie G.
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My Chocolate Lab has a very sensitive stomach and he does great on Tractor Supply 4 Health grain free dry food he has been on it 7 years now tried alot of the top brands they didn’t work for him but tried them all because he is our baby .
Author: David F.
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Taste of the wild put it in a blender mix it up like paste they love it
Author: Jack Summitt Jr J.
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I use Dr John’s chicken and potato. Grain free. It’s perfect for my sensitive boy’s tum.
Author: Lesley G.
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Steve’s Real Food. My Lab was MISERABLE and I tried SO MANY foods. After putting him on Steve’s he was like a new dog! He’s been healthy, happy and fit since!
Author: Rocco M.
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Hill’s Science Diet/ stomach & skin sensitive. My Susie was on it for 17 years.
Author: Barbara T.
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My vet said to boil hamburger in water drain all the fat off and mix it with rice. It clear up his upset stomach very quickly. Then find a low fat and salt dog food.
Author: J Bill S.
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The Farmers Dog, best dog food I’ve found
Author: Bobi L.
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Just switched Lab over to Zignature Pork. Limited ingredients and it has a probiotic in the food.
Author: Paula Yanke D.
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We’ve done well with core wellness deboned chicken & oatmeal. We soak in bone broth because the kibble is a little difficult for my super senior.
Author: Kathi L.
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I’ve had good luck with Earthborn Holistic
Author: Heather Campbell E.
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