35 Food Recommendations for Chihuahuas with Sensitive Stomachs

There are few things worse than dealing with diarrhea in your chihuahua! We asked our 800,000 members from chihuahua community on facebook the following question: “What’s the best food for a chihuahua with a sensitive stomach?”
We’ve summarized the best responses below. Always remember to check with your veterinarian before making changes that affect your chihuahua’s health. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be paid affiliate links at no additional cost to you. 

35 Best Foods for a Chihuahua with a Sensitive Tummy
My vet recommends Purina Pro plan small breed chicken and rice!
Author: Lillian Garofalo W.
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Plain boiled Chicken with rice and Hills Science diet Sensitive Stomach
Author: Glenda Pastor H.
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Royal Canine low fat gastrointestinal soft food in can. Bought mine from the vet. It worked wonders for my little Tinkerbell. She also loved scrambled eggs with boiled chicken breast. You just scramble a couple of eggs in a non-stick skillet no oil or butter & then tear up some of the cooked chicken breast & add to eggs. Tinkerbell just loved it. Do this as a treat.
Author: Sherry N.
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My vet says boiled chicken, no skin and plain rice. Worked for me.
Author: Ande B.
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As a animal healthcare professional I would recommend gastrointestinal food,dry and wet (canned). Royal canine is usually the brand that we recommend to our clients. Give a small amount of both dry and wet. Give the dry food In the morning and the canned food in the evening or the other way around,it doesn’t matter.Dogs have sensitive stomach most of the time due to allergies.Most of my little patients with sensitive stomach are allergic to chicken.If you see blood in his stool and your dog is vomiting, your little dog is most likely allergic too. Stop feeding your dog food that contains chicken(especially human food)and talk to your vet about it .
Author: Georgiana A.
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When we were struggling with my baby, I found Dr Harvey’s mixes. It actualy looked good. It has tons of veggies, oats, and and you add your protein. I liked that because I could add the meats as he could tolerate them and change it up so he didn’t get tired of it. They have a thing on their page where you can order a free sample (I think I may have had to pay shipping).

Author: Courtney Justice S.
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BilJac Sensitive Solutions. I went through several brands before I found this one. My poor chihuahua had bloody stools for years before I found this. He now has perfectly normal poo and loves this food!
Author: Heidi O.
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Ceasars is all my baby eats 14 years old, and still going.
Author: David G.
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Chappie is the only food that has worked for my boy. I mix with kibble, no upsets at all.
Author: Deborah H.
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FreshPet, in a refrigerated cooler at the grocery store, has been so good for Otis!! He was SUPER PICKY, and when he likes something it didn’t often agree with his tummy. He now eats fairly well and his tummy is good. Finally up to a healthy weight, too!
Author: Susan A.
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Start on boiled chicken and rice asap, then gradually mix in high quality food. We use Victor, no stomach upsets or grass eating at all. Good luck!
Author: Lisa Anne H.
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Iam’s sensitive stomach for small dogs. It seems to be working good for our little chichiua.
Author: Rita G.
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I give this to my small chihuahua, vet prescribed.

Author: Gota G.
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I have a tea cup Chihuahua. My vet said Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach For Small Breeds Salmon. No Chicken. He is doing very well now.
Author: Clara Gail E.
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I’m feeding Happy Howl. Mine love it. I was so tired of putting food down and throwing it away. This food was recommended by Big Guy Little World Chihuahua rescue and they are doing great on it.
Author: Judy Rhodes H.
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I give my boy diamond in the purple and white bag. It’s the tiny bites. It’s a good protein food and it’s stopped his bad diarrhea n I had tried everything.
Author: Carolee C.
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Nutri Source! It has things in it that ease their lil stomachs. My Mini would randomly vomit about once a month before she started on it. Now so actually has to be sick to vomit which is not very often.

Author: Julianna Grace N.
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My guys love that Hill Science Diet that’s for sensitive stomachs and skin two of my dogs have terrible skin allergies. It makes a big difference and it comes in a tiny kibble that they love
Author: Helen B.
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My dog has a ton of allergies and Acana lamb and apple helps her tremendously.
Author: Terri Sue D.
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We give ours Fromm with no issues, if something does pop up because she doesn’t eat enough some mashed sweet potatoes and boiled chicken usually does the trick.
Author: Dustin B.
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Nutro! I have four Chihuahuas and they love it one of them actually lost some weight and he needed to!
Author: Becky Morgan B.
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This is what I feed my Chihuahua who gets sick with everything. It is egg based protein instead of meat.

Author: Kelly L.
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This is what I buy for my chihuahuas they like it

Author: Kathleen L.
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Joy (12 year old sweetie) has always given me a hard time with food…gets tired/bored or just picky with it but the one that she is finally willingly eating is solid gold toy and small bison and brown rice. I have even noticed that she has more energy and it’s more active than before, most importantly she is no having any bathroom isssues and seems to enjoy the little heart shaped pieces. They even have some stomach sensitive recipes!

Author: Ilse R.
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Wet food I would give the Caesars gourmet. I can only get my dogs to eat either kibbles and bits small bites or pedigree small bites
Author: Ronnda Cingel C.
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Tractor Supply Brand 4Health Sensitive Stomach my chi does great on it.
Author: Bonnie M B.
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Mine also eats blue diamond for the small dogs with sensitive stomachs
Author: Patsy D.
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My Chihuahua was on Royal Canine low fat gastrointestinal dry and canned . He was treated for pancreatitis a couple times but after he was on this he had no problems.
Author: Janis B.
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American Journey, limited ingredients. You can get it through Chewy. I get salmon and sweet potatoes and beef and sweet potatoes and I mix it in their bowl. They love it and I have an 18 year old chi that loves it.
Author: Tracie A.
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I was told to do boiled chicken breast and plain white rice for mine when she had stomach issues. I used the broth from the chicken to flavor the rice. It works
Author: Chris R.
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Core Wellness Small Breed Sensitive Digestion. Kibble is appropriately size for my seniors, 4# and 9#.
Author: Karen D.
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Organic chicken bone broth, sweet potatoes and wellness toy breed dry food. Only a teaspoon of bone broth as it can cause loose bowels.
Author: Mary F.
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Work out what he’s allergic to , mine is allergic to meat so had to have salmon dry dog food . Harrington’s
Author: Wendy W.
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Canagan grain free fish, it has no chicken which my chihuahua is allergic to, no grain and its a dry food. I have to soak basil’s in water because he’s had 20 teeth removed
Author: Ann S.
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For daily food I use Purina Pro Plan sensitive stomach. For times when they don’t want to eat, I keep a jar of baby food on hand to stimulate their appetite and avoid sugar drops.
Author: Karen D.
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