Dog Tied To Pole “Needs To Be Put Down ASAP” But Rescuers Have Other Plans

Remy, a four-year-old Staffordshire Terrier mix, was discovered tied to a pole outside the Greenville Humane Society in South Carolina. Based on security footage, the dog was left there sometime during the late night/early morning hours of October 17—18.
Staff members arriving to care for the shelter’s 200+ animals found her along with a heartbreaking note.
“I apologize for leaving Remy out here like this,” it reads in part. “She has illnesses I don’t believe are fixable. She needs to be put down as soon as possible.”
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Down But Not Out
Greenville Humane Society is a no-kill shelter, meaning they do not euthanize pets unless medically necessary. Remy was given a thorough veterinary exam, and while she definitely has some issues, her condition is not necessarily life-threatening.
In addition to itchy skin allergies, Remy has a grade six heart murmur. In dogs, murmurs are assessed on a scale from one to six, with six being the “loudest” and most severe.
Heart murmurs affect an estimated 60 percent of dogs over the age of five. While they cannot be cured, they can be managed with proper treatment. An echocardiogram was performed to determine whether Remy will need surgery or lifelong medication.
“Dogs can live a happy and comfortable life with a grade six heart murmur, but it can decrease their life span. It’s different for every patient,” Rachel Delport, CEO of Greenville Humane Society, told Newsweek.
Symptoms of a grade six heart murmur include a hacking cough, lack of energy, excessive panting, poor appetite, and even collapse. So, it is understandable that Remy’s former family could have thought she was suffering from a terminal condition.
According to a Facebook comment from GHS, Remy had her echocardiogram at Upstate Veterinary Specialists in Greenville on Friday, October 23. The shelter will post an update on her prognosis in the coming days.
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Moving Forward
As the staff awaits Remy’s cardiac treatment plan, they are giving her special food and medication for her itchy skin. Delport reports that she is “settling in nicely” to shelter life.
“She has been given lots of love from our staff, multiple walks and afternoon strolls, and plenty of time to rest in her cozy bed.”
While Delport is sympathetic to Remy’s former family, she is concerned about the increasing number of pets abandoned at GHS. Over the past two weeks, more than a dozen animals have been left outside the shelter.
Of the 200 dogs and cats in their care, Remy and 95 others reside at the Healing Place, the only shelter treatment facility in the southeast dedicated to caring for sick and injured homeless animals. 
“We’ve had more sick and injured animals in our care recently than we have the funds for,” Delport explained.  “We want Remy, and every animal in our care, to have a happy and prosperous life. It takes time, money, resources, and a lot of love, but we will never give up on them. We want every animal to leave our facility better than how they came in.”
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Luckily, the community has rallied around Remy, donating towards her veterinary bills and inquiring about adoption. If you want to join Remy’s team of supporters and help other needy pets at the Healing Place, consider donating to the GHS Hope Fund.
And be sure to follow Remy’s story as it unfolds on Facebook.
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