Best Dog DNA Test Kits 2022

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My dog and I often go on morning walks, and while out strolling, people have often asked what breed my dog is. I was never sure how to respond because I didn’t know my pup’s breed. Realizing this is something I should probably know, I decided to get a dog DNA test.
But with so many kits on the market, I really had to do some research. And while I started the hunt for a dog DNA kit just wanting to find out what kind of dog I rescued, I also learned these kits provide a wealth of information about health and genetic risks. Plus, I found that knowing your dog’s breed helps you better understand their behaviors and tendencies.

And now, thanks to a dog DNA test, I’ve learned my pup is a mixed breed, also known as America’s favorite mutt! And these hearty pups often suffer from fewer health problems than many purebreds. What will you learn about your dog when you try one of the four best dog DNA test kits for 2022?
Best Dog DNA Tests Kits Reviews 2022
#1. Embark Dog DNA Test

If you’re looking into buying one of the best dog DNA kits ever designed, the Embark DNA Kit designed by Canine not only helps you know your dog’s breed but also provides insights into your dog’s health.
Embark and Cornel University created the Embark Breed and Health kit, and their mutual effort brings forth something even the highest-rated DNA test kits lack; your dog’s family lineage. Called the canine relative finder, this unique feature allows you to connect with members of your dog’s family, finding over 90 percent of their cousins and 12 percent of their direct family members.
In connecting with your dog’s blood relatives, you can share information about health conditions, behavior quirks, and other facts that will allow you to take care of your dog in the best possible way. In fact, thirty-seven percent of pet parents who’ve used Embark say they’re taking better care of their pups thanks to what they learned from their dog’s results.
Per my experience and consumer reports, Embark test results are nearly 99% accurate. Because they test almost double the number of genetic markers than many of the leading DNA tests on the market, you can expect increased precision in everything from breed information to health insights.
One of the primary advantages of using Embark Breed plus Health Kit compared to other DNA tests is its helpful insights into your dog’s health. It thoroughly checks genetically-linked health markers, scouring for more than 200 mutations and alerting you to possible markers or carrier genes in your dog’s DNA. But remember, these are just insights into health and not a diagnosis.
Plus, the testing itself is so easy. Simply take the swab from the kit and rub it inside your dog’s cheek for thirty seconds to a minute, then send it to the lab! Once the results are ready, you can find them on Embark’s website in full detail and written in easy-to-digest language.

Over 200+ genetic markers
Database that helps determines your dog’s relatives
Nearly 99% accuracy in results
Helpful health insights to help you better care for your dog
Test is easy to use, and results are easy to understand


Carrier or disease risks should not be taken as 100 percent accurate; these insights serve as a tool to help you keep your dog their healthiest

#2. Orivet Genopet Dog DNA Test

If you’re on a budget but still want to buy a leading dog DNA test kit without cutting corners or compromising results, go with the Orivet Genopet DOG DNA Test Kit.
The Orivet brand has been trusted by veterinarians and breeders for over a decade, thanks to detailed breed reporting and in-depth health insights. This kit identifies your dog’s breed makeup and reports the findings down to the percentages of each breed found in your pup’s DNA. And in addition to the in-depth health revelations GenoPet provides, they also offer a personalized wellness plan based on the dog breeds discovered, your dog’s age, weight, gender, geographic location, and lifestyle.
Remember that the budget option is limited to basic DNA testing of dog breeds. But if you’re willing to pay the higher price, you’ll get more in-depth and detailed health insights and the Orivet lifestyle plan customized for your dog’s breed makeup.
Like the above-reviewed product, the testing process is as easy as a simple cheek swab, and within 2-3 weeks, your results will be ready, and you can log into Orivet’s website to view your detailed report.

Screens 350+ dog breeds
Provides more detailed breed info and health insights
Recommends tips to help keep your dog their healthiest
Basic breed testing at budget-friendly pricing
Industry-leading brand in business for more than a decade


Advanced report options can be expensive

#3. DNA My Dog Genetic Testing Kit

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars to learn your dog’s breed, go with DNA My Dog Genetic Testing Kit. This kit helps you discover your dog’s breed and other vital information regarding health at almost half the price of competitor options.
This lower pricing does come with a slight con, though. The DNA My DOG database only identifies 95 breeds, which is pretty limited. And if your dog is a rare breed, chances are, you might not get the breed information. But one thing I found particularly impressive was the quick turnaround. Your results arrive within one week of the test’s arrival at the lab.
DNA My DOG focuses primarily on determining your dog’s breed, and results will show a percentage breakdown of the levels of each breed found in your dog’s unique DNA. Along with your dog’s breed info, this kit will also tell you the personality traits of your pup’s revealed breeds, overall health insights, possible health risks, and more. Remember that the traits or health information provided aren’t specific to your dog, only the breed itself, and are meant to provide helpful information on monitoring health.
In addition to affordable prices and quick service, you can expect excellent customer care that responds promptly. DNA My Dog is there to help you with any questions or concerns.

One-week result turnaround is one of the quickest on the market
Offers more affordable pricing than others
Helpful insights about your dog’s breed, overall health, and personality traits
Provides accurate breed info
Fast and friendly customer service


Limited databases for breed and health screening

#4. Wisdom Panel Premium Dog DNA Test Kit

If you want a dog DNA test kit with the most comprehensive overview of your dog’s ancestry, traits, and health, then the Wisdom Panel Premium Dog DNA test kit is the one for you.
The top benefit of choosing this kit is the extensive screening as Wisdom Panel screens for more than 200 health conditions. Based on the health findings, your report will also include helpful insights on how any carriers or markers for certain diseases might affect your dog’s life. And once you receive your results, you can discuss the findings with a Wisdom Panel veterinarian to help you better understand what’s going on in your pup’s DNA.
Wisdom Panel also boasts a vast database of more than 350 dog breeds. Their testing process sorts through 1,800+ genetic markers, breaking your dog’s breed composition down to one percent. Plus, you’ll learn your pooch’s family history and connect with their family members. And your digital report will also reveal dominant personality traits based on your pup’s breed composition.

Screens for 350+ dog breeds
Tests for more than 200 health conditions within 16 major body systems
Helps determine the chances of developing certain diseases
Breaks down the breed composition to 1%
Provides digital reports with helpful health insights


Accuracy and precision aren’t as reliable as competitors

Dog DNA Test Buying Guide
Now that you’ve learned what’s what with four of the best dog DNA kits on the market, you’ll hopefully find an easier time deciding which test is suitable for your needs. But, before you make your choice, there are a few more things you might want to consider when choosing a dog DNA test.

Easy to read results
Getting your dog’s DNA results is so exciting! While it’s only been a few weeks, it can feel like you’ve waited forever to find out about your pup. But what if you finally get the results and can’t understand them? Talk about a bummer. That’s why choosing a DNA kit that offers results in multiple formats is important, allowing you to absorb all the information about breed makeup and health revelations.
It’s also helpful when brands offer charts to illustrate breed composition percentages. Again, seeing the info delivered in multiple ways helps dog parents understand the results further. Plus, digital reports that can be easily printed allow you to bring a copy to your vet so that you can discuss the findings with a professional.
Fast results
It’s no fun to pay premium prices for a DNA kit and then be forced to wait several weeks to receive results. Sure, top brands get loaded with customers, and such detailed reports take time to generate as these DNA screenings search through hundreds of breeds and diseases, but still, results should arrive within two weeks of you returning the test to the lab. Any longer seems a bit excessive to wait. Also, if you’re waiting for results from a breed-only test, receiving a report shouldn’t take more than a week.
We all know no one is perfect, so don’t believe any DNA test company that claims one hundred percent accuracy in results. Also, when shopping for the best dog DNA kit for your needs, look for mentions of result accuracy. You may not find the information, as most of the brands don’t mention it, except for a few of the top ones like Embark, who gladly touts their results are 95-99 percent accurate, but it’s still work looking for. And, who knows what other cool info you might find when looking?

Breeds and Genetic Markers Tests
To discover all the breeds that make up your dog’s overall genetic composition, you should choose a test kit with a broad database of dog breeds. For example, Embark and Wisdom Panel screen for more than 350 breeds. If you suspect your pup has rare dog breeds in their lineage, going with a company that screens for hundreds of breeds might be a better idea, as tests with limited breed databases may not accurately report all of your buddy’s breeds.
However, if your dog has a more common breed makeup, a test kit that only screens 75 breeds would probably do just fine for your needs. And for those dog parents that want to know their doggy’s complete breed makeup, be sure to look for brands that break findings down to one percent.
Depth of the results
Think about what you’re looking for from a dog DNA test. Are you just interested in breed composition, or do you want a report that includes health information? If it’s all about the breed breakdown in your mind, then you don’t need the in-depth results that typically come with a higher price tag. But, if you’re seeking your pup’s potential health risks via DNA testing, you can expect to pay more for results that deliver deeper health insights.
Additional Information
The main thing every dog lover wants to know from a dog DNA kit is their dog’s breed. But some companies also offer additional information that provides breed-specific health insights and care tips. These helpful additions to DNA reports are icing on the cake of fantastic info! With these little bonuses, you might find the advice you need to help improve your dog’s best life.

Dog DNA Test Final Thoughts
Your dog is undoubtedly an important family member, so of course, you want to know every detail about your furry one. With dog DNA tests, not only do you learn breed info, but you also have the option to find out about some of your pup’s blood relatives. Knowing about any health problems relatives have faced can help you keep an eye out for similar issues in your dog. And with insights on personality traits and behaviors, you can better understand why your best friend does the silly things they do!
And while good quality dog DNA kits and their additional plan options can get expensive, the money is worth spending as these tests deliver detailed insights into just who your dog is and how you can make their life the best ever.
Now, with all these thoughts in mind, have fun choosing the best dog DNA kit for your pup!
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