Physicians Mutual Has Your Vet Bills Covered So You & Your Dog Can Concentrate On Fun

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Stop for just a second and think about some of the most fun moments in your life. Now, what do many of those joyful memories have in common? That’s right; your dog was there, frolicking by your side for the best of the fun!
Now think about what you’ll do when an unexpected accident or illness sends you to the vet … and the bill is more than you can afford.
Let’s face it – whether you’ve just brought home a playful puppy or you’ve got a loving older dog, things happen. And quality vet care is expensive. In fact, over the lifetime of your pet, you could spend thousands of dollars on regular checkups, tests, medication … and thousands more for emergency treatment. Can your finances handle a hit like that?

Now, you can make sure your dog gets the care they need without worrying about how to pay for it.
With pet insurance from Physicians Mutual Insurance Company, you can focus on your furry friend, sharing in all the fun this world has to offer! And knowing you’ve got your pup covered with insurance means you can give them the very best in treatment options. You’ll never have to make heartbreaking decisions due to financial restraints.
Physicians Mutual is Here for Your Dog

You can get coverage for any breed of dog or cat, at any age
Go to any vet, anywhere — including specialists and emergency clinics
Up to 100% reimbursement of your vet bills — treatment for illnesses, surgery, lab tests, X-rays, hospitalizations, and more
There’s no deductible or co-pay for emergency, lifesaving treatment
No lifetime maximum benefit
Benefits for wellness — like exams, dental treatments, and vaccines
3 pre-built plans, or you can customize coverage with options you select

Emergencies Happen, But You Can Be Ready
In a world full of wonder, there are still a lot of what-ifs. And being a dog parent, you have to be prepared for the unforeseen. It’s these unexpected incidents that often land pets in emergency situations. In fact, the American Pet Products Association reports an estimated one in three pets will experience an emergency.
Insuring your pup is covered for those what-ifs means you’re prepared for almost everything, from the puppy who eats their toys to the senior dog with arthritis in their hips.

Check Out This Example Claim
Need an example of how Physicians Mutual pet insurance works?
Poor Max broke his leg and needs care right away! His parents rush him to the vet, and he needs surgery that costs $3,500. That’s a big expense out of the blue. But Max’s family has the Preferred plan that covers $2,925, saving Max’s parents thousands.
His parents simply submitted a claim online, and their reimbursement arrived within a few days of claim completion. Thanks to a small monthly payment, Max’s family saved big on expensive care and only had to focus on getting their sweet boy back on all four paws instead of worrying over how to pay an unexpected bill.

Trust In a Name You Know
Physicians Mutual Pet Insurance has you and your pup covered — whether your dog falls ill, hurts themselves while playing too hard, or even scarfs down something they shouldn’t, you’ve got a policy in your pocket that helps protect your bank account and still affords the best treatment options for your pooch.
Now, do the responsible paw parent thing and get a free pet insurance quote. See for yourself how affordable this coverage can be. You can also call 1-800-774-0428 for more information. And once you’ve got your plan in place, you and your dog can get back to having fun.
Get your quote from Physicians Mutual today!

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