37 Unique Jack Russell Names [with PICS!]

Are you bringing up a new Jack Russell and looking for a unique, original or funny Jack Russell name? Whether you’re bringing home a new Jack Russell puppy, or an older rescue dog, we’ve got some great name ideas shared by our I Love My Jack Russell Facebook community.
We asked our community the following question: Does your Jack Russell have a unique name? Share it below along with a pic! Below we’ve compiled some of the most unique name ideas for your new Jack Russell.

37 Original Jack Russell Puppy Name Ideas
This is rosie but everyone calls her po . She is 16 but still thinks she is a baby

Author: Nikki B.

Popeye. And yes, he loves the water.

Author: Mark W.

Wooly was his name because he had a broken coat and was named by his 1st owner. We kept that name because it it him well! He passed of cancer in his old age at 18. We had him 10 years.

Author: Peggy L.

This is Milly. Whilst her name isn’t unique, she now has a unique look since losing her right eye!

Author: Brian E.

My name is Torvi and I’m 1 xx

Author: Sarah Arnold Jonty A.

Bosun….because hudaddy was in the navy….he’s actually a sprussel ….jack cross Springer spaniel…but he is all JRT in personality ����

Author: Laura H.


Author: Jessica A.

I’m Pebbles (I’m a rescue so I already had my name)

Author: Maria I.

My name is Benji and I’m 7 months

Author: Dawn W.

Chunky LaFunga – Bollywood Superstar!!

Author: Richard C.

His name is Buster, but we call in Boo boo

Author: Sarah M.

My beautiful boy Dash is 13 years old

Author: Maree J.

TayTay the name is to sweet for her she’s bossy and a smarty!! But still our 12 year old baby..

Author: Arlene S.

Valli, because he was handed into the shelter on Valentines Night. Hence we called him Valli

Author: John D.

Tilly 12 years old

Author: Sal B.

Pearly Baker..For the Grateful dead

Author: Audrey C.

Cider x 12yr old (we think) lover her loads x

Author: Debra N.

This is Nigel he’s 5 years old and still a pup.

Author: Allen-Sonnie C.

Princess Guinevere @12 we lost her in April to cancer

Author: Darlene M.

“Mugsy”He’s in his 17th yearHe’s my baby

Author: Sherree Lynn M.

Stan and Mae

Author: Mike P.


Author: Kathryn D.

Hey my name is Jelly but my mum call me nonsense all day long. I’m 11 years old and I love treats.

Author: Kers T.

Reef!! Because we live on the coast and will find the water no matter how big it is.

Author: Kari M.

Maisie so loving and loyal x

Author: Gina Susca W.

Rudi boy my 11year old JR

Author: Yesdnil E.

“Moby Dick the Seafaring Dog “ AKA “Moby”

Author: F Andy M.

This is ‘Missie’ moo. She has no eyes due to complcationsfrom glaucoma. She is our baby girl. She is doing so well. Her love is priceless

Author: Alecia J.

Miss Bentley Boozer

Author: Stacie J.


Author: Lynn M.


Author: Julie T.

My name is Hannibal

Author: Maria I.

Kalli (from Kalliopi..the muse of poetry)… but as my Kalli is addictive (as super cute), we call her Kalli Opium…Her drag name (as she loves dressing up!!) is Frida Kalli Kardashian…Plus she has her own Facebook page!!

Author: Paris V.

Colby (jack) & Pepper (jack)

Author: Lisa Schlueter H.


Author: Janine M.

Princess Philippa Puddington…aka pippa

Author: Helen Marie S.

Millie the pirate dog

Author: Tony R.

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