Woman Screams As Thief Drives Away With Her Car And Dog

All it takes is a matter of seconds for thefts to occur. Julia Salsich learned that the hard way when she was running a few errands with her Yorkie mix named Franklin. At one point, she parked on the 1300 block of H Street in Washington D.C. and put her flashers on. She exited the car for a second to drop something off, but as she was doing so, an adult man hopped in the car and drove off with Franklin still inside.
Salsich said she ran after the car screaming and begging for them to let Franklin out, but they didn’t stop. She was heartbroken. Cars are replaceable, but family members are not.
A Dangerous Day
On that same road, two other incidents happened that day. The carjacking occurred at 4:30 pm, but at 12:08 am on the same block, someone shot a man and drove away. The man survived, and a white Toyota Camry is the vehicle of interest.
Then, an hour after Salsich’s car and dog were stolen, Commanders rookie Brian Robinson was shot just three blocks away during a separate carjacking. Robinson sustained serious injuries but survived. There is no evidence that these three incidents are related, but it’s scary that they all happened so close together.
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Salsich’s car is a gray Honda Accord, and she believes Franklin is still inside. The thief used her card at a McDonald’s, and when she talked to the business, they confirmed that he was still in the car with her dog.
“I got an alert from my bank that [the suspect] used one of my credit cards at the McDonald’s that is on Nannie Helen Burroughs Boulevard NE,” Salsich said. “And, so we went over there and we talked to the person that was working in the drive-thru and he remembers seeing the guy. And, he remembers seeing Franklin on the front seat of my car.”
Bring Franklin Home!
Salsich and her family are devastated that Franklin is gone, but they won’t give up hope. All Salsich cares about right now is getting her dog back. She’s offering a $300 reward with no questions asked. Her car and the belongings inside it aren’t her priority right now.
“I just want you to know that Franklin is really, really loved and really missed,” Salsich said, addressing the thief. “And, he is a part of our family.”
While the overall crime rate in the area has been down this year, the number of car thefts is on the rise. It’s a good reminder to never leave a running car unattended, especially if your furry friend is inside. If anyone has information about Franklin’s location, Salsich wants them to contact her at jcsalsich@gmail.com.

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