Nature’s Fresh: Sustainable Food for Healthy Pets and Planet

We’re working to change the world, one bowl of sustainable pet
food at a time – but we can’t do this alone. Every Freshpet recipe, including
our newly relaunched Nature’s Fresh line, is made with sustainably sourced
ingredients from family farmers who prioritize animal welfare and
planet-friendly farming practices. We also look to partner with innovative
organizations like rePurpose Global to increase our overall impact. Working
with these like-minded partners ensures that our fresh recipes are as nutritious
for our pets as they are kind to our planet.

Our favorite Nature’s Fresh recipes

Nature’s Fresh recipes are available as both a roll and bagged food, so you can choose the format your dog enjoys most. Two popular options are the quick and easy-to-serve Grain-Free Chicken Recipe with Carrots & Spinach and the anti-oxidant-rich Grain-Free Turkey Recipe with Spinach, Cranberries & Blueberries.

For our feline friends, Nature’s Fresh currently offers a grain-free chicken recipe featuring tender, bite-sized morsels with the high moisture cats need. This recipe is made using humanely raised, vegetarian-fed, and GAP-rated chicken, with sustainably grown and antioxidant-rich leafy spinach and nutritious carrots.

If you want to see the full selection of Nature’s Fresh recipes, you can visit our website. To learn more about the sustainability efforts behind these recipes, read on!

Our exciting new
partnership with rePurpose Global

Beginning July 1st, 2022, Nature’s Fresh is proud to partner with rePurpose Global in its mission to rid the world of plastic waste. Brands that are certified “Plastic Neutral” by rePurpose Global recover as much plastic from nature as they produce annually, from 14 global collection sites. These sites:

Collect and remove plastic waste from countries
with poor waste collection infrastructure

Support local communities with wages that lift
plastic collectors out of poverty

Help ensure ocean-bound plastic is disposed of

In 2021, rePurpose Global enabled the removal of 14 million
pounds of additional plastic waste that otherwise would have leaked into our
natural ecosystems. We’re excited to join them on their journey to surpass this
number in 2022!

Why we partner with
regenerative family farmers

We’re proud to partner with regenerative family farmers that
help us make sustainable pet food that contributes not only to healthy pets but
to a healthy planet as well. Farmers that practice regenerative agriculture set
up their land in a way that works towards reversing climate change. Some of
these practices include:

Selective crop
choice and placement: The farmers we partner with make a conscious
effort to rotate crops and plant cover crops, which are crops planted to cover
the soil rather than be harvested. This increases soil biome and biodiversity,
in addition to helping them avoid harmful runoff by reducing or eliminating the
need for pesticides and fertilizers.

Reduce water
use: The cover crops that our farming partners use to enhance the
soil also allow them to reduce water use. Cover crops maintain the earth’s
moisture so less water is needed during the growing season.

natural pollination: Since fewer pesticides are used on our
partner’s farms, the bees and butterflies that live on the farm are safe from
harm. This, paired with the planting of wildflowers, encourages the natural
pollination of crops and plants, which, in turn, leads to a more biodiverse and
productive ecosystem.

Our commitment to
sustainably raised farm animals

Our sustainability efforts go beyond the land where crops are
grown – they also extend to farm animals, with an emphasis on animal welfare.

Cows: Our cows are
raised on a cooperative of family farms where they are free to graze on
different fields in rotation. Not only does this keep them happy, but it also
captures carbon by fostering healthy cover crops and rich soil, naturally
fertilized by the cows.

Turkeys: Our turkeys
are both Organic and Global Animal Partnership certified, raised without
antibiotics, and fed a vegetarian diet of 100% organic, non-GMO feed from
regenerative farms. They roam indoors and out on land naturally supported by
their compost to nurture cover crops and prevent water runoff into nearby water

Fish: Our Marine Stewardship Council-certified Wild Alaskan Pollock filets are one of the most sustainable animal proteins available. These fish come from US fisheries and are 100% traceable to the source and the fishing practices used to catch them have the lowest by-catch of any seafood. Similarly, our Atlantic Salmon is sustainably sourced from farms that are either Aquaculture Stewardship Council Certified or Best Aquaculture Practices Certified.

Chickens: Our Certified
Humane Raised chickens are raised without antibiotics on family-owned farms. We
also proactively work with the Global Animal Partnership, which audits our
farms to ensure they meet strict animal welfare and safety standards.

Want to learn more about our ongoing sustainability and sustainable pet food efforts? See how we celebrate Earth Day, every day.
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