Mom Returns Rescue Dog To Shelter Without Telling Her Son, Spawning Internet Outrage

If you’ve ever been part of a family who had to make the difficult decision to rehome an animal, you know it’s an incredibly emotional endeavor. But being denied the opportunity to say goodbye can make an already painful predicament even more upsetting. 
So when an anonymous teenager posted online that he wasn’t allowed the opportunity to say goodbye to his first dog, the internet was up in arms. 
The troubled teen posted about his emotional experience on Reddit; a social sharing site made up of a massive collection of forums, where posts are made within “communities” and can be voted up or down by other members. The community, which is similar to a Facebook group where he posted his screenshot is called r/MildlyInfuriating. Though, many users quickly say this situation is more than mild.
The situation started about a month after his family adopted a dog named Chase from their local shelter. One day, Chase was nowhere to be found. Since his furry family member didn’t seem to be anywhere at home, the boy reached out to his mother for help.
He texted her, inquiring where Chase could be, hopeful he was only at the groomer. But her response wasn’t at all what he had anticipated.
She responded with a no, and asked why he would be there. The teenager responded by reminding her that that’s what she said last week. However, she cleared things up quickly, and informed him that Chase had been taken back to the shelter where they adopted him.
Understandably, the boy was upset and communicated that to his mother. Without warning, she took the recently rescued pup back to shelter. The teenager was left out of the decision and didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to his first dog. He wasn’t afforded any time to come to terms with the decision, and wasn’t able to enjoy his last day with him.
When he posted a screenshot of the conversation to the forum, he captioned it, “Man, I’m actually p*ssed. My mother got rid of my first pet without warning me.”
Members of the community echoed his outrage, and within a single day, it had amassed over 80,000 votes. Sentiments stating that Chase was a family member and that you “don’t ditch family like that” littered the comments section. One highly upvoted user even recommended the boy share his story to r/InsaneParents!
What do you think of this story? Has anyone ever deprived you of the chance to say goodbye to a beloved pet?
Featured Image: Reddit
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