Lost Dog With California Tags Mysteriously Winds Up In Germany

It’s a mystery how so many lost dogs end up hundreds of miles away by the time they’re found. But those distances don’t compare to a dog who was found across the ocean from his home country. A dog that looks like a Golden Retriever mix was found in a Germany village, but his tags said he was from Gilroy, California.
When someone found the dog in Germany, they had no idea how to approach the situation. So, they contacted the Gilroy Police Foundation for help locating the dog’s owner. When the California police officers heard where the mystery dog was found, they couldn’t believe it!
Lost Away From Home
The person who called the Gilroy Police Foundation had no idea who owned the dog. They said their neighbor found the mystery dog, so they were trying to help them locate the owners. The only identification on the dog was the California dog license.
The police officers guessed that he belonged to a US military family that was currently in Germany. They also joked that he probably got lost when he went out to search for bratwurst. They posted about the situation on Facebook, and of course, everyone’s first question was how the dog ended up in Germany.
“We tried to find out. I suspect he lives with a US military family. The person who reached out to us did not know anything about the owners,” the Gilroy Police Foundation said in a comment.
Luckily, dog licenses are linked to contact information, so the police officers were able to look up the owner’s details.
Mystery Solved!
It didn’t take long for the police department to locate the dog’s family. As it turns out, they were currently in Germany, but they weren’t a military family as suspected. Instead, they were just visiting some relatives for the summer when the dog got away. They didn’t say how long the dog was missing.
“The owner has been located. Moral of the story, good idea to license your dog. You never know where they might turn up,” the Gilroy Police Foundation wrote.
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Also, getting identification tags and a microchip for your dog can also help them get home faster. This dog was lucky he wasn’t thousands of miles away from his family when he got lost, but it has happened to other missing dogs before. If only lost dogs could tell us about their crazy adventures!
Featured Image: Facebook
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