Footage Shows Doberman Fake Death To Survive Brutal Mountain Lion Attack

California is no stranger to the happenings of wildlife. With a vast array of landscapes and sprawling neighborhoods taking over much of the area, Tujunga, California sits within the borders of Los Angeles. Despite the bustling city life, wildlife still calls the city it’s home.
Unfortunately, that spells trouble for many four-legged family members. One family learned this lesson the hard way when their Doberman was recently the victim of a brutal attack.
A Sneak Attack Just Before Dawn
The neighborhood was quiet in the remaining minutes before the sun began to rise. As families slept peacefully, a sneaky mountain lion quietly crept into the front yard of a suburban home around 4:00 am. In that yard lay the family’s Doberman leashed in the corner.
Sadly, the Doberman was completely blindsided by the attack. He was left with very little to defend himself and he was especially hindered by the length of his leash. The family’s security cameras captured the horrific attack.
Within the blink of an eye, the mountain lion seemed to overpower the dog with ease. Because the dog was unprepared and restricted by his leash, the mountain lion was able to quickly pin him down. Blood began to pour from the dog’s wounds as he lay lifeless on the ground.
Several minutes passed. All the while, the mountain lion kept his jaw tightly clenched on the dog’s neck. The dog continued to lay motionless as if life was slowly slipping away from him. Eventually, the ferocious predator thought the dog had finally taken his last breath. He loosened his grip on the dog’s neck which was just enough for the dog to gain his second wind.
In Times Of Battle, Warriors Never Quit
The Doberman began barking as violently as he could. He pleaded for help while simultaneously scaring the mountain lion enough to make it run away.
The dog’s family eventually found him with several puncture wounds and tears from the bloody battle. They rushed him to the hospital where he received 60 stitches! Miraculously, he is expected to make a full recovery.

Veterinarians said the only thing that saved him was his collar. It was thick enough that it was able to slow down and weaken the mountain lion’s bite.
You can watch the entire ordeal here, but use discretion! The footage is very graphic and upsetting.

The Doberman’s ability to remain calm and cling to every ounce of life is truly awe-inspiring, and definitely helped save his life.

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