Survey Shows 1 in 3 Couples Are Including Their Dogs In Their Wedding

A new survey recently released by has revealed that it’s incredibly popular for young couples to make their canine companions part of their wedding ceremony. 
While this wasn’t always so common, it makes sense why so many pet parents would want to include their precious pups as part of their “special day.” Our dogs are so much more than just pets; they’re beloved family members.
Of course, you want to include those you love the most in your wedding. That’s the entire concept behind having a wedding party in the first place. And for many of us pet parents, that includes our dogs. They offer us unconditional love and support no matter what we’re going through and despite our moods. Plus, they are excellent at cheering us up and providing comedic relief.
Factoring all of this into the equation, it makes complete sense that recent surveys are showing that one in three couples are opting to replace their best man or their maid of honor with their canine companion. 
The survey also revealed that the top roles and responsibilities of their furry best friends included:

Being ring bearer (58%)
Walking the bride down the aisle (34%) 
Joining in the first dance (17%)

Within the last year, one-third of those surveyed shared that they had attended a wedding where the couple tying the knot’s pup had a starring role in the ceremony.
When it comes to outfitting the canine members of the wedding party, bandanas with adorable sayings are one of the most popular choices. Others choose to match their pup’s bow tie with the groomsmen or select hair bows that blend with the bridesmaids’ dresses. Some couples even opt for full-on formal wear for their furry family members.
If you are hoping to include your furry best friend on your big day, it’s important to check whether or not you’ve chosen a venue that welcomes four-legged guests or to factor that in when landing on a location. But if you find that you’ve already put a deposit down on a place that won’t welcome your canine companion, there are plenty of other worthwhile ways to include your pups in your wedding.
You can:

Schedule a photo shoot that includes your beloved bestie 
Include them in the invitations
Put them on the cake
Honor them with your favors
Include their face as an accessory to your ensemble

Or you could always choose to incorporate a combination of all of the above!
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