Senior Dog And His New Puppy Sidekick Warm Hearts Worldwide

When the word is heavy, or you’re feeling a bit stressed, what better way to feel better than watching adorable dog content? 
Doggie duo Dash and Remi are melting hearts and delighting social media users across the Internet. Their friendship is especially heartwarming because Dash is a senior, and his new sidekick Remi is an energetic young whippersnapper. The pair’s videos have already amassed thousands of views, and the “likes” continue to climb. 
Dash and Remi’s parents decided that adding a second pup to their pack would complete their family, and now they both agree it was a great decision. Watching their good boys bond and play brought them so much joy that they decided to share them with the Internet. With so many likes and views on all their photos and videos, it’s clear that thousands of people from all over the world are glad they did.
If an instant mood lifter is what you’re after, you’ll certainly want to stop by their social media pages. Their content, which can be found in video form on TikTok and as still photos on Instagram, is ridiculously adorable. In fact, the playful pair have already accumulated 792,000 likes on TikTok. Photos of both boys posing together, along with content starring each individual dog, are featured on both of their pages.
It would be difficult for just about any dog-lover to resist smiling when they see a furry big brother snuggling, grooming, and watching over his little bro, which is exactly what you’ll see in one of their most viral videos. This particular compilation of video clips with photos has already amassed 178,000 likes and is captioned “Best Friends.” Once you watch it, it’s easy to understand why it’s so popular. The footage is both heartwarming and wholesome.
Some viewers have been skeptical, saying that it’s dangerous for such a small pup to be playing with his older, larger brother, while others find their size difference to be what makes their content so cute. Concerns have also been raised that senior pup Dash wouldn’t be a fan of having a younger, playful pup move in. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.
In fact, it seems like having a younger brother has given Dash more energy than ever. From their videos, it appears he’s a massive fan of being a big brother. The love between them is evident in so many of their videos. These sweet boys are clearly besties for life.

@itsdashandremiBest friends 🥺♬ What a time by Niall Horan and Julia Michaels – ana.tpwk

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