Couple Dedicates 4 Months To Adopting Stray Dog They Met On Vacation

Adopting a dog in need can be complicated, but it’s always worth it. A couple from the United Kingdom took that to a new level when they fell in love with a dog in Turkey. During their vacation, a stray dog kept interacting with them, and they knew they had to bring her home with them.
The only issue was that transporting a stray dog from Turkey to the UK is a four-month process. That information might make other families think twice, but not this couple. They’re in the middle of that lengthy waiting period because no amount of time will stop them from bringing their new dog home.
Stray Dog Steals Hearts
A woman named Ashleigh went on a trip to Turkey with her boyfriend, but they had no idea it would soon change their lives. A street dog now known as Laia met the couple outside a Starbucks and instantly formed a connection. Laia had likely been living on the streets for five years at that point. Ashleigh gave the pup water, food, and attention.
Laia loved Ashleigh and her boyfriend so much that she followed them back to their hotel room. She slept outside the door for eight hours, waiting for the humans to come back outside. The couple decided to switch to a different hotel so it would be safer for Laia. Then, they took her to the vet to get her vaccinated and microchipped because they knew they had to adopt her.
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However, the couple ran into an issue when Laia disappeared. They looked everywhere for her but couldn’t find her before their flight home. They flew home with broken hearts, but later, they were contacted because Laia had ended up at a shelter in Turkey. Despite being thousands of miles apart, Ashleigh still wanted to adopt Laia.
Yet, the situation continued to get more complicated from there. It’s a four-month process to get a dog from Turkey to the United Kingdom, but the couple is willing to wait because they know Laia is meant to be in their family.
A Four-Month-Long Adoption
Before Laia could be transported, she had to get spayed and blood-tested. She tested positive for anaplasmosis, a common tick disease that’s easy to treat, but other than that, she’s in good shape.
The holdup involves vaccines and more blood tests. She has to stay in Turkey for a month after getting her rabies vaccination. Then, she has to take another blood test that can take up to three months to get results. So, while she waits, she’ll be quarantining in a loving foster home in Turkey.
Laia looks like she’s being pampered in her foster home, and she’s learning a lot. She has been playing with her foster sibling and getting comfortable walking on a leash.
In the United Kingdom, Ashleigh and her boyfriend have a small dog named Lily who’s excited to get a sister. If all goes well, Laia will be in her forever home before Christmas! You can stay up to date with Laia’s journey on her TikTok page.

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